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    7 Up Nimbooz Soft Drink - With Real Lemon Juice, 250 ml Bottle

    Price: ₹15(₹0.06 / ml)
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Pack sizes
    250 mlBottle
    15(₹0.06 / ml)
    6 x 250 ml(Multipack)
    90(₹0.06 / ml)

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    7 Up Nimbooz Soft Drink - With Real Lemon Juice

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    Buy 7 Up Nimbooz Soft Drink Nimbooz With Real Lemon Juice 350 Ml Bottle Online At Best Price

    7UP is one of the most refreshing and crisp carbonated drink available in the market. Originally touted as a remedy for hangovers, 7UP enjoys a cult following throughout the world. The lemon and lime soda is free of caffeine and as such is much better than the other brands of cola available in the market. Another important factor that distinguishes 7 UP from other sodas is the use of natural flavours in 7UP. We Indians have always relished a cold glass of nimbu pani every now and then and 7 UP can safely be said to be a readymade version of our traditional nimbu pani but with the advantage of fizz which makes all the difference in its transformation from the regular glass of homemade nimbu pani to a refreshing glass of lemony 7UP. In an effort to further appease the Indian consumers 7UP has launched two very interesting and delicious versions of it, namely – 7UP Nimbooz and 7UP Nimbooz masala soda. The 7UP nimbooz soft drink is available in a 350ml pack and uses real lemon juice as one of its ingredients. The 350ml 7UP nimbooz lemon juice has no artificial flavouring and colour and is quite similar to our homemade nimbu pani but with the added benefit of potassium, which along with citric acid and carbonation can help in easing out nausea and stomach upset. Besides drinking the 7UP Nimbooz soft drink, one can also use it in cake batters, biscuits, marinades, jello and cocktails; the list is endless. You just need a bit of imagination and some help from the internet to give your traditional recipes the lemony twist. Buy 7UP nimbooz lemon juice and start baking with 7 up to get great moist cakes and biscuits or tenderize your meat better by dunking it in a bowl of 7 UP and while you are up to it don’t forget to ease the cooking stress by sipping on your chilled 7UP nimbooz. The new 7UP nimbooz soft drink price is quite cheap and affordable and costs a mere Rs 20 for the 350ml bottle. You can buy 7UP nimbooz online from bigbasket and get it home delivered at your doorstep. Another advantage of buying 7UP nimbooz 350ml lemon juice online is that you needn’t have to head all the way to your local shop to enjoy your refreshing drink, you can just order them online and store it in your fridge to enjoy a fresh lemony drink anytime any day.