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    Loaded With Peanuts Nougat Caramel Delight

    Snickers Peanut Filled Chocolate Bar, Loaded With Peanuts, Nougat & Caramel, 45 g

    Price: ₹45(₹1 / g)
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Pack sizes
    45 g
    45(₹1 / g)
    22 g
    20(₹0.91 / g)
    2x22 gMultipack
    40(₹0.91 / g)
    3x22 gMultipack
    60(₹0.91 / g)
    4x22 gMultipack
    80(₹0.91 / g)
    2x45 gMultipack
    79.2(₹0.88 / g)
    9012% OFF
    80 g
    93.75(₹1.17 / g)
    12525% OFF
    3x45 gMultipack
    116.1(₹0.86 / g)
    13514% OFF
    135 g(3 pcs x 45 g each)
    135(₹1 / g)
    32x22 gMultipack
    640(₹0.91 / g)
    24x45 gMultipack
    1080(₹1 / g)
    384x22 gMultipack
    7680(₹0.91 / g)
    288x45 gMultipack
    12960(₹1 / g)

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    Snickers Peanut Filled Chocolate Bar, Loaded With Peanuts, Nougat & Caramel

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