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    Sprite Soft Drink - Refreshing, 2 l Pet Bottle

    Sprite Soft Drink - Refreshing, 2 l Pet Bottle

    Price: ₹95(₹47.5 / l)
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Pack sizes
    2 lPet Bottle
    95(₹47.5 / l)
    2x2 LMultipack
    190(₹47.5 / l)

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    Sprite Soft Drink - Refreshing

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    What's a party without the fizz of cold drink? If you're about to head towards the market because your fridge has run out of the cold drink, let's tell you that you can buy sprite soft drink online at a decent price. Sprite is a popular name when it comes to the cold drink brands in the country and is highly liked by people. Its fizzy taste can definitely wake you up within a couple of seconds of you consuming it. It's available in various packs of different sizes depending on the needs of the customers. We, at Bigbasket, ensure that you get the best price for your sprite soft drink 2l bottle so that you don't have to rush to your nearby store every time you need to take your taste buds on a rollercoaster ride. The prices on our website are so aggressive that there will be no turning back once you rely on Bigbasket for your cold drink shopping. With us, you can buy Sprite 1.25l cold bottle online with as low as 60 rupees in your hand. The of price 750ml sprite soft drink bottle listed on our website can be simply compared to anywhere else you would get in your nearby store. The fact that any offline store would never give you these cold drinks at discounted rate makes clear why Bigbasket is going to be the perfect location for all your cold drink needs. It's about time you stop wasting your precious time and energy over the things that can be managed in a smarter and more efficient manner. Talking about which, you don't need to worry about anything while shopping from Bigbasket as we are committed to providing you with your selected products right at your doorstep within a day. Our delivery system can let you buy 1.75l sprite bottle at a price that would be healthy for your pocket. We're here to cater to your needs of daily shopping that might end up causing you a lot of trouble and tension altogether. So, what are you even waiting for? Buy these sprite cold drinks and have a happy time with family and friends. However, you can also choose to grab your can of sprite and go to the terrace so as to enjoy some self-time. There is no denying the fact that there is hardly anything as refreshing as a bottle of cold drink and among them, sprite is one of the most liked ones. You can enjoy this cold drink anytime, anywhere without having to worry about the extra price that you might have to pay if you buy them from a nearby store. What was the last time you shopped in a really smart way? Think about it and change your shopping habits. It's time to shift to effective and hassle-free ways of getting your products delivered to you. We, at Bigbasket, are right here to help you out with the same.