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    Sundrop Peanut Butter - Creamy, Rich In Protein, Spreads, 462 g Plastic Bottle

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    462 gPlastic Bottle
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    Sundrop Peanut Butter - Creamy, Rich In Protein, Spreads

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    Buy Sundrop Peanut Butter Creamy 508 Gm Jar Online At Best Price

    Peanut butters are a delicious alternative to butter, jam, cheese and chocolate spreads for your everyday morning toast. It is a paste made out of dry roasted and ground peanuts. The ingredients of peanut butter often include salt, sweeteners and emulsifiers which modifies the taste and texture of the peanut butter. There are two types of peanut butters available in the market – one being the soft and creamy version while the other is the nutty and crunchy version which contains chopped pieces of peanuts making the butter crunchy in texture. Peanut butters can be used as spreads on toasts, crackers, sandwiches and can also be scooped with a spoon and eaten by itself! It is also used in breakfast items such as peanut flavoured croissants, granolas, smoothies, crepes, brownies and cookies. Peanut butter is very similar to cashew butter and almond butter which are the other nut butters used regularly. The production process of peanut butter involves shelling, roasting, cooling, blanching in heat or water, grinding and then packaging of the harvested peanuts. Peanut butter is rich in dietary fibre, vitamin E, niacin, Panthothenic acid and Vitamin B6. You can buy creamy peanut butter online now at Bigbasket. Some of the benefits of consuming peanut butter are that it is good for your heart, it is rich in fiber and potassium, it provides instant energy, it lowers the chance of developing diabetes, it is good for your bone health, helps with weight loss as it is keeps you feeling fuller for a long time. Sundrop is one of the popular brands in India which produces peanut butter and many products. The peanut butter by sundrop contains zero cholesterol and zero trans fats which makes it a healthy option for everyone to consume. It is loaded with proteins and one tablespoon of it is equal to almost consuming one full glass of cows milk. 508gm sundrop peanut butter online on Bigbasket is priced at Rs.193.50 and the 924gm sundrop peanut butter jar is priced at Rs.280. peanut butter has proven to be a healthy alternative for vegetarians as a source of protein in place of meat. It is also quite popular among children to be had with bread toasts. Consuming peanut butter on a regular basis is good for a healthy heart and can also reduce the risk of any cardiovascular diseases. Sundrop creamy butter price varies according the quantity required by you. You can now buy sundrop creamy peanut butter online at Bigbasket and get it delivered right at your doorstep!