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    Rich Taste Irresistible Aroma

    Tata Tea Gold Assam Teas With Gently Rolled Aromatic Long Leaves, Rich & Aromatic Chai, Black Tea, 1 kg

    MRP: ₹600
    Price: ₹462(₹462 / kg)
    You Save: 23% OFF
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Pack sizes
    1 kg
    462(₹462 / kg)
    60023% OFF
    500 g
    220(₹0.44 / g)
    25012% OFF
    100 g
    45(₹0.45 / g)
    250 g
    118.75(₹0.48 / g)
    125₹6 OFF
    2x250 g
    237.5(₹0.48 / g)
    250₹13 OFF
    2x500 gMultipack
    440(₹0.44 / g)
    50012% OFF
    1.5 kg
    791(₹527.33 / kg)
    93015% OFF
    2x1 kgMultipack
    924(₹462 / kg)
    120023% OFF

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    Tata Tea Gold Assam Teas With Gently Rolled Aromatic Long Leaves, Rich & Aromatic Chai, Black Tea

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    Buy Tata Tea Gold Leaf Tea 1 kg Online At Best Price

    The humble cup of tea serves as the fuel on which India runs on. The rich aroma and strong taste give the perfect start to the mornings. Tea not only energises the soul but also sets the mood for the entire day. A well-brewed tea is extremely important for everyone. Giving the morning cuppa the magical aroma and strong taste is the Tata tea gold leaf tea, that offers the perfect blend of the flavour of CTC and longleaf. If you haven’t tried Tata tea gold leaf till yet, you are missing out on one of the best things in life. Buy tata tea gold leaf online from bigbasket and experience the unique flavour of Tata tea gold leaf. Tata tea gold leaf has 15% longer tea leaves that unfold in the boiling water lending a rich aroma to the brew. The unique balance between strength and aroma offered by Tata tea has led it to be one of the leading brands in the CTC tea segment. Innumerable people have tried Tata tea and have become a fan of its superior taste for life. If you are not a fan of tata tea yet, then probably you haven’t tasted this wonderful tea. Buy tata tea gold 250gm online and try it for yourself and lose yourself in the rich aroma of this superior blend. The tata tea gold 100gm pouch price is extremely economical, so get one today and we are sure you will never turn back to your old tea. Tata tea has its various tea brands quite conveniently priced to be affordable to the masses. Tata tea gold price is economical and affordable, whether it is the tata tea gold 100gm pouch price or the tata tea gold 1kg price so that everyone can enjoy the true flavours of tea. You too can enjoy the exquisite blend of CTC and leaf tea all you need to do is buy tata tea gold 500gm online from bigbasket and enjoy a refreshing brew with friends and family.