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Pedigree Sample Pack -Pedigree Gravy Puppy Dog Food Chicken Chunks in Gravy, 80 gm

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Pedigree Sample Pack -Pedigree Gravy Puppy Dog Food Chicken Chunks in Gravy

Pedigree is a 100% complete and nutritionally balanced food for dogs. Each Pedigree recipe is formulated and backed by experts at the Waltham Centre for pet nutrition to provide your pet dog with all the nourishment he needs. The distinct needs of dogs and the various nutrients essential for their growth are met through the wide range of pet food that Pedigree offers. The Dog Food contains perfectly fresh meal that is gently cooked to retain natural vitamins. The food, mainly contains moist chicken chunks in wet, healthy gravy that will leave your dog asking for more! This dog food is suitable for all dog breeds and is highly effective for fussy eaters, be it a cute little Pug, a big, bold German Shepherd or a friendly, playful Labrador! It can also be mixed with any meal, dry food or home cooked food to enhance taste and improve moisture-content. They come in a convenient, easy-to-serve pouch of wet gravy food. PEDIGREES FIVE SIGNS OF GOOD HEALTH IN 6 WEEKS
Proven Healthier Shinier Coat - Omega 6 + Zinc to promote shinier coat visibility.
Strong Muscles - Quality protein for muscle development.
Digestive Health - Beneficial dietary fibre to aid digestive system.
Stronger Bones & Teeth - Calcium & Phosphorus.
Strong Immunity - Vitamins & minerals to promote body system to work effectively.
Chicken by-products, Chicken, Wheat Gluten, Gravy, Minerals, Dietary Fiber, Soybean Oil, Colouring agents, Flavour, Amino acid, Vitamins
Other Product Info
EAN Code: 20007006
Manufacturer Name and Address: PATAYA FOOD INDUSTRIES LIMITED 90/6 MOO7 Sethakit Rdt.Tambon Tarsai, Muang District , Samut Sakom 74000
Best before 18-04-2020
For queries call 1860 123 1000
How to Use
• Feeding Guidelines: You might need to adjust the amount of food according to the level of activity, breed and age of your dog. Allow for a transition phase when switching diet.
• How Much Pedigree (Wet Food) for your Dog?
• Toy Breed (1-5 kg): 2 - 7 pouches/day
• Small Breed (5 -10 kg): 7- 12 pouches/day
• Medium Breed (10-25 kg): 12-25 pouches/day
Mix it Up! You can also add Pedigree Gravy to regular dry pet food or home cooked food like rice, vegetables, etc. to serve up a meal that your pet will love.
• Toy Breed (1-5 kg): 1 pouch/day + 25 gms to 70 gms dry food /day
• Small Breed (5 -10 kg): 1 pouch/day+ 70 gms to 120 gms dry food /day
• Medium Breed (10-25 kg): 2 pouches/day+ 120 gms to 280 gms dry food /day
• You can always increase or decrease the daily amount according to your dogs activity.




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