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    Atta Aata

    Pillsbury Atta/Godihittu - Chakki Fresh, 5 kg Pouch

    MRP: ₹243
    Price: ₹205.11(₹41.02 / kg)
    You Save: 16% OFF
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Pack sizes
    5 kgPouch
    205.11(₹41.02 / kg)
    24316% OFF
    1 kgPouch
    50.96(₹50.96 / kg)
    522% OFF
    2 kgPouch
    96.82(₹48.41 / kg)
    103₹6 OFF
    2 x 1 kgMultipack
    101.92(₹50.96 / kg)
    104₹2 OFF
    10 kgPouch
    481.97(₹48.2 / kg)
    59219% OFF

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    Pillsbury Atta/Godihittu - Chakki Fresh

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    Buy Pillsbury Atta Chakki Fresh 5 Kg Pouch Online At Best Price

    Back in the olden days, pure and fresh Atta only meant chakki fresh Atta. Today, with the advent of technology chakki grinding has taken a back seat and has been replaced by modern conveniently packaged wheat flour. Although these new modern avatars of Atta are quite convenient to eat, they cannot match up to the supreme taste and superior quality of Atta produce from the traditional chakkis. However, the Pillsbury chakki atta is one of the few brands has made an attempt to provide the same great taste and superior quality of Atta in a modern day pack. The Pillsbury chakki fresh atta absorbs more water while making the dough, a characteristic of Atta that is much sought after resulting in soft and delicious roti. The Pillsbury chakki fresh Atta offers 100% whole wheat grain flour with fibre and is free from any type of adulterants and also doesn’t contain any maida. As such the resultant roti and puri made out of them are extremely delicious to eat. The Pillsbury chakki fresh atta is available in convenient packs of 1 kg, 2kg, 5 Kg and 10 kg packs. Thereby, catering to all needs and requirements. For a bachelor, the 5 kg Pillsbury chakki fresh atta would be optimum while the bigger Pillsbury fresh atta 10 Kg pack is great for families. You can even try out the 1 kg packs to do some baking. After all, wheat is much healthier than your all-purpose flour. Today people are ready to pay a premium for good quality and healthy foods, but Pillsbury in an effort to be accessible to people across all financial groups offers a premium product at inexpensive rates. Take for instance the 5 kg Pillsbury chakki fresh atta price, which is quite affordable. You can get even lower rates on your atta price when you buy Pillsbury fresh atta online from bigbasket. Bigbasket offers a wide assortment of whole wheat flours along with Pillsbury chakki fresh atta, so just scour through the flours section and buy fresh chakki atta online and get it conveniently delivered to your home and so no lugging around with the huge atta pack. Sit back comfortably and buy Pillsbury chakki atta online from bigbasket from anywhere and anytime and get it delivered to you the very next day. Bring home the Pillsbury chakki fresh atta and get swooped back into the good old days with the same taste of chakki milled atta made rotis from your Pillsbury atta.