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bb Combo

bb Combo Red Label Tea - Natural Care 500 gm + Knorr Chinese Hot & Sour Veg Soup 43 gm, Combo 2 Items

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bb Combo Red Label Tea - Natural Care 500 gm + Knorr Chinese Hot & Sour Veg Soup 43 gm


• Red Label Natural Care is from the house of Brooke bond and the brand Red Label. Red Label Natural Care Tea contains the goodness of 5 Natural Ingredients - Cardamom, Ginger, Tulsi, Mulethi & Ashwagandha, all of them are extremely beneficial for your body as they enhance immunity while giving a unique flavor to the rich tea.
• Red Label Natural Care tea is also available in Tea bags!
Disclaimers -
• As per Ayurvedic texts and human studies on NK cell activity, the mix of Natural Ingredients in Red Natural Care tea helps protect from cold, cough and flu. Based on Market research studies done on 785 consumers. Red Natural Care tea helps build immunity against common ailments.
• Contains added Natural flavors.
Features & Benefits -
• Red Label Natural Care contains Cardamom which helps in digestion
• Red Label Natural Care contains Ginger which Helps protect from cough & cold
• Red Label Natural Care contains Tulsi which helps build body resistance and Mulethi which helps soothe the throat
• Red Label Natural Care contains Ashwagandha which helps cope with stress.
• Also Available in 100g, 250g, 500g and 1kg packs
• Enhances Immunity

Knorr has hand-picked the best quality vegetables and mixed it with spices to make delicious Knorr Hot & Sour Vegetable Soup. Its a little hot, a little sour with the bite of crunchy cabbage, carrot and leeks, giving it its lip smacking taste and perfect consistency everytime. Made with 100% real vegetables and no added preservatives, this soup is ready in three simple steps and serves four. So now enjoy Restaurant like delicious Soup at home.Knorr Soups range comprises of 11 delicious flavours of 4 serve soups and 7 flavours of Cup-a-soup. Great taste is in our Nature! Knorr has gone to great lengths to ensure a perfect blend of ingredients and consistency that give you Restaurant like Soup at home.About Knorr:Just like you, we love everything about food, because no delicious meal is cooked without love. Love for carefully selected ingredients, flavours and spices, or the aroma of dinner wafting through your home. Love for the people you feed everyday; your family and friends, relatives and guests, the people that matter to you the most. With Knorr as your cooking partner, you can serve your loved ones nutritious and flavourful meals at home. Soup Fun Fact - The earliest archaeological evidence for the consumption of soup dates back to 6000 BC. Features and Benefits Made with 100% real vegetables No added preservaties Ready to eat in 3 simple steps Serves 4 Goes well with: Knorr Chinese Schezuan & Knorr Chinese Hakka Noodles/Fried Rice Chefs Tip: Add a spoon of fried garlic to the boiling soup and garnish with chopped spring onions

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