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Amul Cheese - Slices, 200 g Pouch

MRP: Rs 118
Price:Rs 115.64
You Save: 2
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Pack Sizes
200 g
Rs 115.64MRP: Rs 118SAVE Rs 2
100 g
Rs 69
750 g
Rs 346
2x200 g
Rs 231.28MRP: Rs 236SAVE Rs 5

Amul Cheese - Slices

Amul Pasteurised Processed Cheddar Cheese is made from Cheese: Sodium Citrate: Common Salt: Citric Acid: permitted natural color - Annatto. Emulsifier and Class II preservatives. It is made from graded cow/buffalo milk using microbial rennet.
Wholesome cheese.
Good source of Calcium and milk Proteins.
Cheese: Sodium Citrate: Common Salt: Citric Acid: permitted natural colour - Annatto. Emulsifier and Class II preservatives.
Nutritional Facts
per 100g
Energy: kcal 314 Energy from Fat: kcal 234 Total Fat: g 26 Saturated fat,g 16 Cholesterol: mg 70 Protein: g 20 Sodium: mg 1400 Calcium: mg 343 Vitamin A, mcg 51
Other Product Info
EAN Code: 104802
Manufactured & Marketed by: Kaira District Co-operative Milk Producers' Union Limited, Anand 388 001. At Food Complex Mogar, Mogar. Lic. No. - 10014021001010.
Best before 18-09-2019
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Buy Amul Cheese - Slices 200 gm Pouch Online at Best Price

Who doesn’t love cheese? People simply can’t have enough of this dairy product and love to have it in their meals, snacks, desserts and even soups. There are numerous types of cheese easily available in the market but one of the most popular and most consumed types of cheese is processed cheese. The processed cheeses are available in the form of blocks, cream cheese and slices. A popular processed cheese brand in India is the Amul cheese. Amul is an iconic brand renowned for its varied dairy products, offers one of the best processed cheese available in the market. The Amul processed cheese is produced using only the best quality cheddar cheese available to ensure great taste and nutrition. Cheese is packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, riboflavin, calcium, phosphorus and zinc making it quite healthy for the human body and although cheese has a high-calorie content, its pros far outshines its con. The key to enjoying cheese in a healthy manner is to eat it in moderation. Among the different Amul processed cheese, the Amul cheese slices are quite popular. Kids and adults love to snack on them besides adding them to their sandwiches, burgers and parathas. The Amul cheese slices are available in convenient packs of 100gm, 200gm and 750gm pouches. The Amul cheese 100gm slice pack contains 5 slices of cheese that serve as a great trial pack for all those who have been aloof from the delicious world of Amul cheese, before taking the actual plunge into the world of Amul cheese. Amul cheese slices although great in flavour and quality are available at affordable rates. For instance, the 200gm Amul cheese slice price is a mere Rs 118 and you can get it for Rs 117 online on bigbasket. You can get a better discount on your cheese slice if you buy the 2*200gm packs of Amul cheese slice online on bigbasket. Amul cheese slices can easily be found at any convenience store or Amul kiosks. If you are unable to find them or are just too busy to visit your local store, then simply buy Amul cheese 750 gm slice pouch online from bigbasket and get them easily delivered to your home. With the advent of the digital age it is more convenient to shop online where you can not only find incredible discounts but also get speedy home delivery. Try the new and convenient way of shopping, buy Amul cheese slice online. So what are you waiting for? Bring home the soft and delicious Amul cheese home and start enjoying them in your sandwiches, burgers, parathas, nachos, pasta or simply roll them up and enjoy a quick snack.




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