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    Amul Processed Cheese Chiplets Cubes, 200 g (8 Cubes)

    Price: ₹135(₹0.68 / g)
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Get it for ₹128.25!
    Pack sizes
    200 g(8 Cubes)
    135(₹0.68 / g)
    1 kg(40 pcs x 25 g each)
    545(₹545 / kg)
    500 g20 Cubes
    315(₹0.63 / g)

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    Amul Processed Cheese Chiplets Cubes

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    Buy Amul Processed Cheese Chiplets Cubes 200 Gm Carton Online At Best Price

    Cheese is one of the most loved dairy food item in the country and the world. There is really no good reason to not fall in love with this wonderful delight. Although a large variety of cheese can be found in India probably the most used one by a large majority of the population is processed cheese and Amul processed cheese is undoubtedly one of the leading brands of processed cheese in India. Processed cheese is actually produced from natural cheese, where a portion of the natural cheese is melted, emulsified and bind together with the use of preservatives and salt. Amul processed cheese is produced using cheddar cheese to ensure a greater taste and quality of the cheese. The Amul processed cheese is available in the form of cheese blocks, cheese slices, Amul chiplets cheese and in tins. The shelf life of the cheese tins and cheese chiplets is 9 months while the cheese blocks and cheese slices have a shelf life of 6 months. You can not only enjoy nibbling on the Amul cheese chiplets on their own but can pair them with certain fruits like apples, pears and melons. Amul processed cheese melts quite easily and as such, they can easily be used in several recipes like mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, casseroles, shredded onto omelettes, pizza, souffle, Au gratins and much more. Amul processed cheese not only pair well with international dishes but also result in great Indian delicacies like Cheese paratha, corn and cheese balls, cheese pakora, paneer cheese masala and much more. Amul processed cheese are quite nutritious and contains a good amount of Vitamin A, calcium and protein. The calcium found in the cheese can help in keeping the teeth and bones strong and protect against osteoporosis. Cheese can also offer some relief from PMS symptoms. Besides that cheese can also help in protecting the skin, aid tissue growth and prevent macular degeneration. So start eating more cheese and buy Amul cheese cubes online and enjoy some healthy cheesy goodness. Just remember to use it in moderation to enjoy the true benefits of cheese. The Amul cheese cubes come in a pack of 8 and weigh around 200 gm. The Amul processed 200gm 8 cubes is available for only Rs 107 only on bigbasket. With great discounts to be availed on the bigbasket website, it is only wise to buy your Amul processed cheese 200gm online and save money on them. Another benefit of buying your pack of Amul cheese 8 cube online from bigbasket is the convenient home delivery, so you needn’t have to run to your local store to buy some cheese.