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    Red Label Tea, 1 Kg

    MRP: ₹600
    Price: ₹539.5(₹539.5 / kg)
    You Save: 10% OFF
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Har Din Sasta!
    Pack sizes
    1 Kg
    539.5(₹539.5 / kg)
    60010% OFF
    100 g
    30(₹0.3 / g)
    25 g
    Not available
    250 gCarton
    122.2(₹0.49 / g)
    130₹8 OFF
    500 gCarton
    239.7(₹0.48 / g)
    255₹15 OFF
    2x250 gMultipack
    244.4(₹0.49 / g)
    260₹16 OFF
    2x500 gMultipack
    479.4(₹0.48 / g)
    510₹31 OFF
    2x1 kgMultipack
    1079(₹539.5 / kg)
    120010% OFF

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    Red Label Tea

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    Red Label Tea, 1 kg

    Tea is enjoyed by millions of people in India. Without chai, the day is incomplete and without Red Label Tea, you can never get the true essence of tea. Red Label tea is made by the company Brooke Bond. This red label tea powder is 100% vegetarian and this CTC tea is made from the best quality tea leaves. Red Label tea is known for its high quality and it is very rich in flavonoids.

    The primary dietary source of tea called flavonoids are a naturally occurring plant pigment and they reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and asthma. So, red label tea everyday can actually keep the doctor way. In fact, 3 -5 cups of red label tea can reduce the risk of ovarian cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer. Red label tea powder also consists of 5 key ingredients – Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Mulethi, Ginger and Cardamom. These medicinal plants and spices are excellent for the body. They support your body’s natural immune system and help you fight off diseases. These medicinal herbs are also great to restore health and always keep you healthy. The addition of the herbs to the red label tea also enhances the flavour of the tea.

    This proves that the Red label tea price is worth every bit of money that you spend on it. Although on BigBasket, there is quite often a discount. So you can get the best red label tea price here. Buy red label tea online and experience a tasty, strong and refreshing chai. A great way to start your mornings. When you want to experience the power of real chai, always choose Red Label tea.

    On bigbasket, you can buy 1 kg red label tea or a small pouch depending on your household needs. Just place your order and get it delivered the very same day at a time that is convenient to you.