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    Rich In Calcium & Protein

    Nestle A+ Toned Milk, 1 L Carton

    Price: ₹111(₹111 / L)
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Pack sizes
    1 LCarton
    111(₹111 / L)
    6x1 LMulti Pack
    634.5(₹105.75 / L)
    666₹32 OFF
    12x1 LMultipack
    1243.8(₹103.65 / L)
    1332₹88 OFF

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    Nestle A+ Toned Milk

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    Buy Nestle A Toned Milk 1 L Carton Online At Best Price

    Toned milk is made by treating buffalo milk with skim milk, powdered milk, and water. The method of toned milk works on the mechanism of the removal of fat, thereby increasing net fat solids level. For places, where the production of milk is relatively low, nestle A toned milk comes as a blessing. The untreated milk is high in fat content and the process of mechanical removal of the milk fat is usually high. Nestle A toned milk is highly beneficial for low-income families and the health conscious ones, it is also distributed by various relief campaigns in times of crisis. Nestle (Good makes Good) and its dairy products are very important in enhancing our rural economies and the dairy industry plays a significant role. Nestle A toned milk has the food value exactly similar to that of the whole milk minus the soluble fat. The calcium content is high and is hence recommended for the strengthening of muscles and bones. Thus, highly useful for growing kids. In the mad race of today’s lifestyle, where blood pressures are always at its peak, this milk has a good amount of potassium which keeps the blood pressure in check, nestle A toned milk serves the purpose perfectly. Through the process of processing technology, the milk retains all of its goodness. We even transport it with extreme care. Milk containing tankers are hygienic with maintained optimal temperature, which reduces the risk of bacterial growth in the milk and also, the chances of it going bad prematurely. A glass of nestle A toned milk has 120 calories in comparison to a whole milk glass which has 148 calories. People who wish to reduce the intake calories but at the same time also maintain the required nutrient levels should switch to toned milk and buy nestle toned milk online. We, at Bigbasket, ensure that the highest quality product reaches you. Bigbasket works by Nestle’s philosophy that to create something good, one has to reach the goal through small steps and maintaining the best efforts since the start. To achieve that kind of perfect, meticulous efforts are needed. To do this, we select our product from the best sources and make sure that it is of high quality. Nestle A toned milk goes through 61 quality tests and is checked for everything ranging from antibiotics to adulterants. For such pure quality, it is suggested to buy toned milk online. Nestle assures you that during this treatment process,none of the essential nutrients were lost. We, at Bigbasket, offer you the best price available in the market, 1l nestle toned milk online at MRP 75 (inclusive of all taxes). The nestle A+ toned milk price that we have to offer at Bigbasket is certainly the best offer in the market and it is completely worth your money. We strive to bring the best products at budget friendly prices. For the households which are interested in buying multipack 1l nestle toned milk online, we offer you two exciting options at unbelievable prices. Now, you can get 6×1 ltr- multipack at only Rs. 436.50 and 12×1 ltr- multipack at only Rs. 873.00.