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    Fresho Wood Apple - Kothbel (Loose), 1 pc

    Fresho Wood Apple - Kothbel (Loose), 1 pc

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    Fresho Wood Apple - Kothbel (Loose)

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    Buy Fresho Wood Apple 1 Pc Online At Best Price

    When you are looking for something sweety fruity to eat, but are really tired of the old boring sweet, then just go for wood apples. Wood apples are sweet and a bit of sour, together constituting an interesting taste. They have a really alluring mealy texture with a pungent smell and are a bit crunchy. They usually have a tough brown shell. While the inner pulp is filled with small white edible seeds and together making it a bliss for the tongue. Just don't wait for this interesting fruit stocks to end on our stores and buy fresh wood apple now. The elephant fruit or wood apples are not only loved by elephants but are very popular among the people of India and Sri Lanka also. It has so many health benefits ranging from controlling diabetes to its use as an antidote for snake bites. Doctors usually advise it to people having issues with digestion, kidney disorders, sore throats, and even for deadly diseases like scurvy and cancer. It is a great detoxifier and an immunity booster. It is even considered sacred and offered to Hindu gods. You can enjoy it in any way you wish to. It is consumed raw in the form of ripened fruit but more popularly it is used in shakes and juices. It is blended with coconut milk and this shake is a total delight. This proves out to be a healthy beverage and a good reason to ditch the unhealthy soft drinks. It is scooped, frozen and enjoyed as an ice cream or made into jam. So what's stopping you? Buy fresho wood apple online from our big basket store. If you have never tasted it before, you can buy fresho wood apple one piece and later become a fan of it and order as many as you want. It can serve you as a good snack instead of the unhealthy chips fries and other oily stuff. It is also made into spicy and mouthwatering chutney. Wood apples are such a delight that first, you will order 1pc fresho wood apple then the craving will be long-lasting. Wood apples are not something you should miss eating in the late summers and winters. We present to you the fresh and handpicked wood apples from the organic farms. We never compromise when it comes to the quality. This fruit from our store is always delivered in its best and fresh state as much as possible. We always try to deliver only the best to our customers at the most reasonable price. You can compare our fresho wood apple price with any of the local markets and then choose the best. Wood apples have a really good storage life. They can be easily stored for a long time even up to 3 to 4 months. However, we still do a regular check so as to eradicate any of the fruit that does not meet our quality standards. So, all you need to do is free up space in your kitchen for storing these wood apples.