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Fresho Lemon, 1 kg

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Fresho Lemon

With a segmented flesh that has a unique pleasant aroma and a strong sour taste, lemons are round/oval and have a yellow, texturized external peel.
Do not forget to check out our delicious recipe- https://www.bigbasket.com/cookbook/recipes/142/sweet-lemon-pickle/
Storage and Uses
Refrigerate them in a sealed plastic bag.
Fresh lemon juice is squeezed and added to many dishes like lemon rice, lemon tea and beverages like lemonades. The lemon peel is also edible and highly nutritious.
Lemon promotes hydration and keeps the skin healthy. They help ease digestion, prevents kidney stones and freshens breath. Lemons are a very good source of Vitamin C.
Tip:-Lemon mixed with honey and water acts as a detoxifying agent.
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Buy Fresho Lemon 1 Kg Online At Best Price

We all love the citrus flavour of lemon with salads, vegetables, and on the Indian dishes like poha. Origin of lemon is thought to be in Assam and it is hybrid between a bitter orange and citron. Lemonade is the energy booster for many health-conscious people and has never failed to amaze us with its tangy and yummy citrus flavour. A bit of squeezed lemon on your food adds extra taste to it. Fresh lemons are very juicy and plum and obviously very nutritious. It is a herculean task to find fresh lemons easily in the markets nowadays. So, now you can also purchase fresh lemons on our website, Bigbasket. We have a huge stock of fresh lemons and which will be readily delivered within twenty-four hours at your doorstep. You can buy fresh lemon 1kg online only at the nominal price of 149.60 rupees per kilograms. There is something different and amazing about fresh lemons. The freshness and the energy boost they bring after its consumption in your body is really fantastic. Lemon facilitates in body hydration and also keeps your skin soft and healthy. They help in digestion and prevent body issues like constipation or stomach aches. Lemon is rich in vitamin C, which helps in protecting cells from damaged and harmful free radicals. If you are trying to lose some extra pounds prior to any family function or any other big day then lemons are the best source to lose weight. Drinking lemon water every morning can increase your metabolism. The list of benefits of lemons is really long but the most important thing is about using the fresh lemons. So, you can grab as many grams of lemons as you want from our website. They are really affordable and you can purchase in any quantity. 100gm fresho lemon is only of 15 rupees which not much for fresh lemons. Fresh lemon price is really less on our website as compared to the vendors which sell vegetables and most importantly they do not have a fresh stock. Price of 500 gm fresho lemon online is 60 rupees whereas of fresh lemon 250 gm price is only rupees 30. Lemons are usually used by the chemical industries to extract the citric acid from it and attaching an electrode to a lemon can produce enough energy to run a wristwatch. These are some industrial uses of lemons apart from some domestic uses. And in many households lemon chopped into pieces are used as the cleansing agent. They use it for cleaning utensils and even for cleaning the marks on the clothes. They also keep bad breath away. The list of uses of lemons and its nutritional value it never ending. It is an important component in a household. Therefore grab the number of lemons you want from our website and be fortunate to get the best discounts. So, hurry and purchase your favourite products at a very reasonable amount only from our site, Bigbasket.




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