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Fresho Mushrooms - Button, 1 pack (Approx .180g - 200 g)

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Fresho Mushrooms - Button

About the Product
Buttom mushrooms are very small sized mushrooms with smooth round caps and short stems. They have a mild flavour with a good texture that becomes more fragrant and meaty when cooked.
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  • Button mushrooms boost our immune system.
  • They have anti-cancer benefits.
  • They contain good amounts of riboflavin which is necessary to maintain oral health.
  • They are very low in calories and rich in fiber.
Storage and Uses
  • Do not store them in a plastic bag as they tend to deteriorate.
  • Refrigerate them in a paper towel or a paper bag.
  • Button mushrooms can be sliced and added to soups, pizzas, and pasta.
  • They can also be added in stews, rice, noodles and can be stir-fried with seafood and chicken.
Other Product Info
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Country of Origin: India
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Buy Fresho Mushrooms Button 200 Gm Online At Best Price

There are as many lovers of mushrooms as there are haters, but love it or hate it mushrooms are here to stay. Mushrooms are packed with micronutrients and essential vitamins and minerals and as such are termed ‘superfoods’. There are several different varieties of edible mushrooms available in the market and among them, the white button mushrooms are the most common variety of mushrooms widely cultivated and consumed all over the world. The delicious white chewy button mushrooms have a pleasant unassuming flavour and are a great addition to any recipe. The button mushrooms are further classified into three types depending upon its stages of growth and harvest namely – Common button or table mushroom that are immature and white, Chestnut mushrooms or cremini that are immature and brown button mushrooms and the Portobello mushrooms that are the matured button mushrooms. The impressive nutrition profile of button mushrooms includes Vitamin A, C, D, E and K, B complex group of vitamins, folates, selenium, copper, phosphorus, zinc, potassium and more. Mushrooms are also low in calorie and can prevent a host of health issues like cancer, diabetes, heart issues, boost immunity and aid in weight management. With so many health benefits to offer, it is only natural to start including more mushrooms in our diet. The versatility of button mushrooms makes it quite easy to add it to any recipe right from the stew, soups, stir-fries, curries and kormas. Button mushrooms are easily available in the market but they can go bad quite easily. However, the vacuum packed button mushrooms can last for almost 2 weeks when refrigerated. The 200gm Fresho mushroom button has a good packaging and can last for a good 14 days while refrigerated. Opt for Fresho mushrooms button 200gm and prepare some tasty and nutritious dishes to wow your friends and family. Fresho button mushrooms are easily available at local stores and you can also buy fresho mushrooms online from bigbasket that offers a wide selection of fresh mushroom online. Today shopping online has many advantages over traditional shopping at local grocery stores. The first and foremost advantage you get when you buy mushrooms online is the obvious convenience of ordering from anywhere and home delivery. Besides that bigbasket often offers great deals and discounts on various products and as such are a great way to save money and shop for things you love.




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