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    fresho! Tomato - Hybrid (Loose), 1 kg

    MRP: ₹101.37
    Price: ₹67(₹67 / kg)
    You Save: 34% OFF
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Har Din Sasta!
    Pack sizes
    1 kg
    67(₹67 / kg)
    101.3734% OFF
    500 g
    13(₹0.03 / g)
    17.8127% OFF
    250 g
    17.52(₹0.07 / g)
    2427% OFF
    2 kg
    65(₹32.5 / kg)
    89.0427% OFF
    2 x 1 kgMultipack
    134(₹67 / kg)
    202.7434% OFF
    20 kg
    Not available

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    fresho! Tomato - Hybrid (Loose)

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    Buy Fresho Tomato Hybrid 1 Kg Online At Best Price

    We all love tomato ketchup and chutney which are not only spicy or tangy in taste but also add an extra edge to the flavours of your food. The quality of tomatoes determines the taste and flavour of your favourite ketchup or any other dish or food in which tomatoes are used. So, for the best quality tomatoes buy fresho tomato hybrid. These are the best quality tomatoes available and are cultivated by the farmers by the traditional method of agriculture without using any chemicals or harmful injections. Fresho tomatoes are available on our website, Bigbasket. You can always purchase them online. Tomato is the basic ingredient of a staple diet. It is used to prepare many things such as ketchup, chutneys, prepared as a vegetable to have with tortillas, used in your favourite fried rice, in noodles and also it is used to prepare sauces which enhances the taste of your food. Tomato puree is used by the chefs in hotels to amplify the taste of their dishes. Price of fresho 1kg tomato is rupees 30 which is very affordable. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C and contain citric acid. A tomato has a high nutritional value and it is not only used in the kitchen but also has wonderful effects on your skin. Tomatoes are the significant and important source of dietary antioxidant which is called lycopene. Lycopene is endowed with many health benefits such as reduced risk of heart disease and cancer. They are also a great source of potassium, folate, and vitamin K. The benefits of tomatoes are countless. It is wonder fruit which goes with everything and can provide benefits in all the aspects. Tomato is a fruit but it is described as a vegetable. It is usually eaten as a salad as it is loaded with so many health benefits. Tomatoes are not only present in red colours but are also available in green, yellow, orange, and even purple colour. Do you know a medium sized tomato contains only and only 22 calories? It is highly recommended to people who are trying to shed a few pounds. You can buy hybrid tomato online from our website, Bigbasket. You can purchase them according to your need as fresho tomato 1kg price is only 43 rupees. Whereas 500gm fresho tomato price is only around 20 rupees. So order the fresh and tasty tomatoes now only from our site, Bigbasket.