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    fresho! Potato, 1 kg

    MRP: ₹75.34
    Price: ₹51(₹51 / kg)
    You Save: 32% OFF
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    Har Din Sasta!
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    1 kg
    51(₹51 / kg)
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    5 kg
    138.7(₹27.74 / kg)
    19027% OFF
    2 kg
    58.6(₹29.3 / kg)
    80.2727% OFF

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    fresho! Potato

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    Buy Fresho Potato 1 Kg Online At Best Price

    Anyone up for crispy hot french fries? Or potato chips? Every hand will go up if you ask this tasty question to any youngster or teenager. Who doesn't love things made out of potatoes? Potato is a staple food or a part of daily diet for many households in India. The best thing about potato is that goes with everything. Anything mixed with this amazing vegetable gives the best taste. Any vegetable can go with potato. It is the best salad as it is really rich in starch and also contains other nutritional values. Potatoes are not only for the vegetarians to consume but also go well with non-vegetarian dishes. We, at bigbasket, have a wide of fresh potatoes which are properly cultivated and not grown with the help of injection or any other harmful chemicals. They are bought from the framers who have cultivated this crop with their authentic and traditional manner. You can always buy fresho potato online. fresho potato 1kg price on our website at only and only 26 rupees. We are always engrossed in bringing and providing the best quality products and services to our customers. Potatoes are considered as the king of the vegetable family for its quality to go with any vegetable and make the dish taste delicious and amazing. Potatoes also have a very high nutritional rate. The best thing about potatoes is that it has no fat and no cholesterol. It contains fibre which is good for your tummy’s health and not only this it is the great source of vitamin C and vitamin B6. If you want to energise your body system and want to enhance your performance in doing anything then add potatoes in your diet as it helps to energize and revitalize your body system. It contains more amount of potassium than present in banana. It is very good for an athlete and is a must have in their diet. One single normal sized potato contains 110 calories. You can buy fresh potato online sitting in the comfort of your home only from our website, Bigbasket. The normal vendor charges 30 rupees as 1 kg potato price. But here at Bigbasket you can buy potato 1kg online only at 26 rupees. So, what are you even waiting for? Order right away.