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    Fresho Onion (Loose), 1 kg

    MRP: ₹51
    Price: ₹29(₹29 / kg)
    You Save: 43% OFF
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    Pack sizes
    1 kg
    29(₹29 / kg)
    5143% OFF
    500 g
    10.21(₹0.02 / g)
    13.9927% OFF
    2 kg
    64.8(₹32.4 / kg)
    8120% OFF
    2 kg
    46(₹23 / kg)
    8445% OFF
    2 kgMultipack
    58(₹29 / kg)
    10243% OFF
    5 kg
    145(₹29 / kg)
    20028% OFF
    5 kgMultipack
    145(₹29 / kg)
    25543% OFF

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    Fresho Onion (Loose)

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    Buy Fresho Onion 1 Kg Online At Best Price

    Vegetables are a part of our daily meals no matter what cuisine. However, there is one staple vegetable that almost always forms the base of any Indian dish. It is the Onion. Onions are used in several dishes in many cuisines and is one of the most important ingredient in salads. The versatility of the vegetable makes it universal vegetable. You can now buy Fresho onion online on bigbasket. Onions come in different varieties such as white, red and yellow. They are popularly used in raw salads and soups, however can be incorporated in almost any dish. One popular dish worldwide is the onion rings for which the vegetable is the main ingredient. Similarly, onion bajji is very popular in the Indian cuisine as well. Onions can be diced in several different ways, from sliced to chopped or in rings, according to the dish to be made. The vegetable has a strong flavor once they are cooked and enhance the taste of the dish. Apart from the delicious taste that they offer, onions also have several health benefits. They have anti-inflammatory properties and are packed with antioxidants that improve your immune system, prevents cancer, diabetes and heart diseases and improves your health overall. While you can easily find onions in any supermarket around you, the freshness of the vegetable is questionable. We source our produce from the brand Fresho, which stands by its name and supplies us with the best quality and fresh products. 1 kg Fresho onion costs Rs.28 only and 2 kg Fresho onion costs Rs. 56. Our multi packs are deals that are value for money and is a reasonable option for you to pick. You no more need to stand in the supermarket and go through a huge pile of onions trashed together. We will do that for you and bring fresh pieces carefully handpicked for your order. You can now buy fresh onion online on bigbasket. Order through our online store for all your grocery and household needs, and have it delivered to your doorstep. Look out for discounts and offers when you shop on bigbasket. We value our customers and thus offer great value for money products. Not just onions, name the fruit or vegetable and you can find it on our store. Keeping in mind quality and price, shopping on bigbasket brings to you a shopping experience like never before.