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    Fresho Baby Corn - Peeled, 250 g

    MRP: ₹51
    Price: ₹37.23(₹0.15 / g)
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    Get it for ₹35.37!
    Pack sizes
    250 g
    37.23(₹0.15 / g)
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    100 g
    16.06(₹0.16 / g)
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    500 g
    145.27(₹0.29 / g)
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    Fresho Baby Corn - Peeled

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    Buy Fresho Baby Corn Peeled 250 Gm Online At Best Price

    Categorized under the cereal grains list, baby corns are corns that are still young and immature. You can easily find baby corns packets in supermarkets around you, however, the freshness of the cereal grain is questionable when kept outside for a long period of time. With bigbaskets online delivery service, you can now buy Fresho baby corn online on our site. Baby corns are small in size and are generally handpicked before they mature. Our team from Fresho specially handpicks chosen ones’ for you to deliver the best quality of ones. We deliver them to you fresh and peeled, ready to be cooked. Baby corns are commonly used in salads and are also popular ingredients to be used in stir fry dishes. It is important that the baby corns are fresh in order to get their original taste. Soggy baby corns leave your taste buds feeling uneasy. Fresho is our supplier for all vegetables and fruits and have always delivered us with fresh and quality products. So you need not worry about it when shopping online from us. Baby corns’ are lower in carbs than your regular corns and are thus healthier options to pick. They are a great source of fiber to your diet. Some of the health benefits if you incorporate baby corn into your diet regularly are lowering heart diseases and preventing risks of type 2 diabetes. The price of Fresho peeled baby corn depends upon the packet size that you wish to buy. The Fresho baby corn 250 gm price is Rs.42 and the 500 gm Fresho baby corn online is Rs.83. We at bigbasket want to provide the best value for our customers’ money and thus always sell them at the most reasonable price. You can always look out for discounts, offers and deals when shopping online with us. Buy baby corn online on bigbasket and have it delivered to your house. You no more have to look through a pile of rotten corn and other vegetables while shopping for your produce. We take care of the hassle for you, by shopping for what you need. So sit back and experience a hassle free shopping spree on bigbasket, while we bring the best of brands and top quality products to you. Crunch up your salad now with fresh and good baby corn from Fresho by ordering online on bigbasket.