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    Fresho Avocado (Loose), 500 g

    MRP: ₹156.16
    Price: ₹114(₹0.23 / g)
    You Save: 27% OFF
    (inclusive of all taxes)
    Pack sizes
    500 g
    114(₹0.23 / g)
    156.1627% OFF
    250 g
    156.1627% OFF
    1 kg
    350(₹350 / kg)
    479.4527% OFF

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    Fresho Avocado (Loose)

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    Buy Fresho Avocado 500 Gm Online At Best Price

    We all know the importance of incorporating fruits and vegetables in our daily diet. With the growing trends of a healthy lifestyle, the most popularized fruit in recent times is the avocado. Known for their various nutritious benefits, everyone is on the outlook for this power-packed fruit. You can now buy Fresho avocado online on bigbasket and have it delivered to your house. Avocados are oval shaped fruits that have a thick green bumpy outer layer skin and a creamy light green fleshy inside. They are also known as butter fruit for their smooth texture. The fruit is loaded with fiber, potassium and healthy fatty acids. Avocados help in lowering your cholesterol levels, are good for heart and also great for weight management. They not only have several health benefits, but also does wonders to your skin and hair if consumed regularly. This fruit can also be made a part of your beauty regime. This fruit can easily get rotten if not handled properly. When buying from a supermarket, you will have to pick the good ones from a whole pile of rotten ones. Bigbasket gets its produce from Fresho, a brand that stands for its name. Your avocado will be delivered in fresh conditions, ready to be consumed when they reach you. Fresho avocado 500 gm is priced at Rs. 130 on bigbasket, while buying 250 gm avocado online costs Rs.65. It is unlikely that you can find such fresh produce at such a great price elsewhere in the market. If you are looking to buy Fresho avocado 500 gm online on bigbasket, order away. Look out for great deals, offers and discounts while shopping online with us. Bigbasket not only has fruits and vegetables from Fresho, but also has several other grocery and household needs to shop for. It is almost a one stop shop for all your regular needs. Sit back at the comfort of your house and simply order online on bigbasket. We meticulously plan, pack neatly and have your products delivered to you on time. Keeping in mind customer satisfaction, bigbasket offers the perfect blend of price and wuality to its customers. Avocados from Fresho, delivered to you by bigbasket, will not just entice your taste buds, but will also ensure good health and well-being. What are you waiting for? Place your order for fresh, ripe and tasty avocados right away on bigbasket.