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    Mayonnaise is a thick, creamy sauce that is generally used as a condiment. It can serve as a sauce when eating French fries, chips or potato mash. It is also served with boiled eggs and cold chicken. Mayonnaise is also used in salad dressings. It is most popular as a spread on sandwiches and burgers. It is also used in the preparation of white barbecue sauce. Mayonnaise sometimes serves as an ingredient in cakes as well. It also serves as a dip for fried chicken and sushi. It serves as the main ingredient for Cole slaw and is also mixed with pasta sauce to give that creamy flavor. It is also used in preparing other dips. It serves as a spread for rolls, wraps and pizzas. You can also enjoy it with crispy fried vegetables or meat.

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    Our online store provides Mayonnaise from Sil, American Garden, Best Foods, Fun Foods and Remia. Apart from the normal Mayonnaise we also have flavored Mayonnaise such as Cheesy Jalapeno, Mexican Spice Twist and Garlic. For strict vegetarians we have the Veg Mayonnaise which you can now relish without worrying about the ingredients of the Mayonnaise. For people with egg allergies we have the Eggless Mayonnaise which vegetarians can also enjoy. All these come in various pack sizes which you can buy based on your needs. Certain products also have discounts on them which will ensure you save money. Shop online from our stores for Mayonnaise and make a normal dish tastier with it!


    A bottle of Mayonnaise is the king of the dining table in most of the households. This thick and cold sauce is used to add taste to your sandwiches, burgers, salads and the list continues. Mayonnaise is the saviour in many hunger rescue situations. Here we at Bigbasket bring to you the wide range of mayonnaise which will not only set your taste buds on fire but also give contentment to all our customers. We are always ready to provide our consumers with the latest and the best quality products. And so here we have a number of options for mayonnaise and many other products, for you to choose from. Veg Mayonnaise and eggless mayonnaise is usually preferred by most of the Indian households, we provide you with that. As in the initial stage, mayonnaise was usually non-veg. Therefore, there was a huge part of the population who was unable to enjoy the taste of mayonnaise and so eggless mayonnaise was introduced in the market. With this, it is now available to all the sectors of the population. Veg mayonnaise with your hot served French fries is the cherry on the cake. We introduce you to veeba sauces, which provides a wide range of mayonnaise like, garlic mayonnaise, mayonnaise cheese, mayonnaise sauce, vinegar soya sauces, and the list is long. Veeba has been appreciated and loved by thousands of families as it's not only affordable but also nutritious and safe to consume. The products of the well-known brand Funfoods are available too on our website. Mayonnaise always works like magic and so fun foods mayonnaise is also an option to opt for when you are looking for a good quality mayo sauce, mayonnaise without egg and other variety of sauces. The customers are also impressed with fun foods mayonnaise price as it's only available for 103.40 rupees on bigbasket. The internet is full of mayonnaise uses and the different types of recipes you can prepare out of it. Mayonnaise is a saviour when it comes to munching those bland and tasteless snacks in the evening or at any time of the day. Got nothing interesting to serve to your unexpected guests? Use mayonnaise between the cracker biscuits and your delicious snack is ready to be served with tea or coffee. Working women can quickly spread any flavour of mayonnaise over the paratha and pack for their children’s tiffin– time efficient and tasty lunchbox is ready! Here we'll be discussing mayonnaise nutrition. Every hundred grams of mayonnaise contains 680 calories. Total fat is 75g, cholesterol 42 mg, sodium 635 mg, potassium 20 mg, total carbohydrate is 0.6 grams, and protein is 1 gram. This composition is safe and healthy for daily consumption by a person. Our website is the best choice to purchase mayonnaise online. And not only mayonnaise, each and every edible product is available on our website. Our door to door services and delivery within twenty-four hours will make you want for more. Choose the best mayonnaise from our website and order now!