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    Organizing a party or simply stocking up for your child’s snack cravings just got easier with bigbasket. bigbasket offers a wide range of potato chips along with other chip varieties for both you and your kids to enjoy. Chips are the most common and loved snack to turn to when hungry and day by day different brands are coming up with new varieties of chips. Lays chips is one of the most popular brand of chips that has been in the market for years. The consistency of its quality and taste has gained the brand many loyal customers. Priced reasonably, it is also a very common snack for parties. The brand’s combo packs, multi packs and value packs are great options that can be brought online at bigbasket. Pringle a href=>chips is another brand offering potato chips. Its unique packaging and flavours make it stand out from the other brands. Doritos and Kurkure are also brands that are liked by all, especially by kids and you can find them in a whole range of flavour. Nacho chips are a Mexican snacking option introduced globally to the chips family. Cornitos and Doritos are popular brands that sell them on bigbasket. These chips are best had with salsa sauce or cheesy dips. Even with the introduction of so many varieties of chips the traditional banana chips and corn puffs is still in demand. Apart from this, popcorn is another popular snack loved by many. Not exactly belonging to the chips family but still a favourite, popcorn can also be found at bigbasket. bigbasket also offers popcorn packets from brands such as ACT II that can be made in a jiffy. You can also find other brands of chips, such as the American Garden, McCain, Bingo and many others while shopping at our online store. Stock your shelves up with bigbasket’s wide range of snacking options, from chips to popcorn and more, we have it all. Order online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

    Chips and Corn Snacks

    Now who wouldn’t love to munch on some delicious and crunchy snack every evening? Chips and corn snacks are by far the most eaten snacks by adults as well as kids throughout the world. Chips are generally potato or grained based, flat or slightly curved bite sized snack that comes packaged. Most of the time, chips are eaten as a savory snack, but it can also be made as a sweet snack by making it out of fruit based dishes such as apple or banana chips which are sweeter than chips made out of potato, corn, tapioca, tortilla, or vegetables such as kale and carrot. Another form of snacks widely consumed is made out of corn which is nothing but cornmeal which is flattened and deep fried in oil or also baked. Unlike potato chips, corn chips can be made as a savory as well as a sweet snack. Corn chips are generally thicker and crunchier and also have a strong flavor and aroma of the roasted corn. You can get your hands on some deliciously flavored chips and corn snacks on Bigbasket. Some of the brands of chips and corn snacks available on Bigbasket are ACT II, American garden, Appitas, Frito Lays Chips, Balaji, Bingo, Cafune, Charlie, Cheetos, Cheddas, Chizzpa, Colonel & Co, Cornitos, Dip, Doritos, Freshcon, Kamlesh, Kettle Studio, Kurkure, Mcain, Mission, Mission Wraps, Parle, Parle Platina, Popicorn, Pringles, Rajam Snacks, Safal, Tastilo, Tex Mex Salsalito, The Grannary, The Green Snack Co, Too Yumm and Uncle Chips. Pringles chips is one of the oldest and popular chips across the world. It is made out of potato and comes in various exciting flavours. Pringles is packaged in a tubular box and each chip is perfectly shaped like a bowl and sits on each other nicely. Since it comes packaged in an air tight container it can be stored for a couple of days also after opening. Among corn snacks, corn puffs are famous in India. It is a spicy and crunchy snack. Nachos chips is also a great option for a corn snack. Nachos are triangular in shape and is a great snack to be had with many dips such as mayonnaise, salsa, ketchup, guacamole and cheese dips. The most popular nachos brand is Cornitos and it comes in exciting flavours such as cheese & herbs, Sizzlin Jalapeno, Peri Peri, Tikka Masala, Sea Salt and Barbeque. At Bigbasket, you can also by a combo pack of Cornitos Nachos & Salsa combo.


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