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    Pickling is the process of preserving or extending the lifespan of food by either anaerobic fermentation in brine or immersion in vinegar. The resulting food is called a pickle. Pickle is made out of a number of objects in India by grandmothers. They make cucumber pickles, mango pickle, red chilli pickle, jackfruit pickle etc. The more you preserve them, the yummier they get. Pickle is not always made out of vegetables or fruits but also made out of fishes, chickens, prawns etc. Non-veg pickle is gaining popularity in the market because of its taste and flavours. When it is taken with your meal, it enhances the flavours of your food. It is a feast for your taste buds. A good news for all chicken lovers, you can also get pickled chicken so that you enjoy it anywhere at any time. Chicken pickle is available on our website. It is made by the fermentation of chicken pieces. Pickled fish is usually enjoyed with a glass of wine by the people of western nations. Fishes are kept in brine or are submerged under the layers of sea salt to prepare pickled fish. Seafood lovers are die-hard fans of prawns. Prawn pickle is known for its crunchy texture and yummy taste. It is usually consumed with perfectly cooked tortillas. Non-veg pickles were loved by the people even before the world war. They used to ferment mutton or beef and loved the resulting flavours. Pickles not only add flavours to your food but also due to fermentation and other chemical reactions, vitamin B is introduced in the pickle adding up to its nutritional value. Mutton pickle is usually fermented under the rays of the sun. The flavours it gets endowed with are mesmerizing. Having a jar of pickle on the table is a must and if it is a non-veg pickle for a non-vegetarian, it is a blessing. We, at Bigbasket, have introduced such a wide variety of non-veg pickles that you cannot easily find everywhere. You can easily buy chicken pickle online or any other pickle only from our website. You can purchase your favourite pickles online at the discounted price of our website, Bigbasket. Non-veg pickles are usually quite expensive but we will still provide you with the pickles at the discounted price. Pickle price ranges from rupees 150 to 200 for every 200 grams. Kerala fish pickle is the best quality fish pickle available. The best quality Kerala fishes are fermented in brine to prepare this pickle. Priya pickles is one the best brands available for the customers to buy non-veg pickles. They use the best quality raw materials and take special care of the hygiene. They work under very hygienic conditions to make sure nothing could be infected or spoilt. They have proper packaging which ensures there is no leakage of oils( if oil is present in pickles as a preservative). You can grab your favourite products from the suitable category options of our website.