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    You always need Indian sweets in the land of festivals. Whether its Holi or Diwali, Christmas or Pongal, Indian sweets are a must. And now you can order sweets online on BigBasket making your life easy. There is no need to buy sweet mithai from the overpriced and crowded sweet shops. You can shop for all the mithai boxes you want on BigBasket and get attractive discounts too. Whether you want Haldiram sweets or locally sourced best Indian sweets, BigBasket has them all. In the mood for something extra sweet? Buy the Haldiram rasgulla. Haldiram rasgulla is made of Sugar, Water, Milk, Rose Water, Cardamom & Contains Permitted Class II Preservative. Want something even better? Get your hands on the Haldiram gulab jamun. Haldiram gulab jamun is made from Milk, Concentrated Milk, Sugar, Water, Plain Flour (Gluten), Paneer cheese (Milk), Cornstarch, Clarified Butter (Milk), Cardamom. Need a dessert that is not overly sweet? Try the Haldiram soan papdi. Haldiram soan papdi consists of sugar, gram flour, flour, ghee, milk, and cardamom. Have a reason to celebrate? Try the Haldiram Laddu or Haldiram Kaju Katli. The Haldiram Laddu contains Sugar, Bengal Gram Flour, Refined Wheat Flour, Interestrified Vegetable Fat, Liquid Glucose, Pistachio (14%), Almonds (14%), Cardomom (14%) and Antioxidants (INS319) and the Haldiram Kaju Katli is normal Kaju barfi with saffron added to the mix. Want to know what is in the Haldiram sweets that you are about to purchase or how many calories it contains? Simply click on the products listed to get all the nutritional information as well as information about the ingredients. You can even buy mithai boxes according to your needs. Get a small box or a family pack and you can still avoid spending a ton of money because of the many ongoing discounts. When you buy sweets online, you can avoid overpriced Indian sweets available in the market. The Kaju Katli price is Rs 200. Kaju barfi price is Rs 170 for a 250 grams pack. The Haldiram soan papdi price is Rs 63 for a 250 gram pack. For a 500 gram tin Haldiram rasgulla price is a mere Rs 99. With such amazing discounts coupled with the convenience of ordering online and having it delivered to your doorstep, you can buy all the Indian sweets you want online. The best part is that BigBasket ensures the freshness of all the mithai boxes making sure you never end up with a bad product.

    Indian Mithai

    Looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth? What could do the job better than Indian mithais. Indian sweets are a part of the country’s social, religious and cultural milieu. Not a single occasion is complete without at least two to three types of traditional mithais being served to the family or guests. However, with schedules getting more hectic by the day, many households are unable to prepare the variety they wish to indulge in.

    Types and brands of Indian sweets

    To keep the celebrations on at full swing, some brands have come up with their own varieties of packed Indian sweets that taste as good as home-made ones. Be it your rasagullas, gulab jamuns, milk ghova, soan papdi or ladoo, you can find them in packed containers ready to devour them as they are. Amul, Nandini and Haldirams are some of the best brands selling Indian mithais in the market and can now be found on bigbasket’s online store as well.

    Order your favorite Indian sweet on bigbasket and have it delivered to your doorstep.