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    Buy candy, toffee and lollipop Online

    If you are a candy lover, you have to check out bigbasket’s huge selection of candies, toffees and lollipops. It is like your personal candy land offering a variety of candies and toffees of varied kinds flavours and brands. You can even find some of the internationally acclaimed candies at bigbasket. bigbasket also hosts iconic candies that we have grown up gorging upon like Kismi bars, paan pasand, Mango bite, phantom sweet cigarettes, coffee bite, fox candy, chocolate lollipops and melody chocolate to name a few. These candies are still loved by kids all over the country. Kids today, have several new varieties of candies and toffees to choose from like the fruity candy, the mint chocolates, the chewy toffees, chewing gums and much more. Nowadays candy makers are also experimenting with Indian flavours like the pulse candy, that has captured the imagination of all. And while everyone is enjoying their pulse toffee, candy makers are coming up with several new variations of tangy and spicy chocolates such as MTR Food’s Laban, Chupa Chups, Sour Belts and Rosscare digestive candies to name a few. With the availability of premium and international brands of candies on bigbasket, you can sink your teeth into the best of candies and toffees there is. Some of the premium candies available at bigbasket include Simpkins travel sweets, Haribo Marshmallows and Canvendish and Harvey Butterscotch toffees among others. As unbelievable as it may sound now you can also indulge in some sugar-free candies too. And we can’t thank Sugarless Bliss enough for making them available to us. The best thing about them is that they come in many exciting flavours like hazelnut and fruit, mint and orange and more. So now you can give into your sweet cravings without thinking about the calories or sugar content. People what are waiting to buy marshmallow, candies and toffees get online at bigbasket and choose your favourite candies for you and your kids today.

    Toffee and Candy

    It is the small sweet things that make up our lives after all. If you have a real sweet tooth, you will truly understand the difference between chocolate and candy. While you can find chocolates everywhere in the market, it is hard to find varieties of toffees and candies everywhere. If you happen to be a candy lover, bigbasket’s online store is paradise for you. You no more need to look out for a sweet candy store. You can find a wide range of toffees, candies and lollipops from different brands with different flavors on our online store. With so many varieties of candies in the market, local and international ones, it is hard to just pick one. Some of the most preferred toffees and candies are pulse candy, poppins candy, eclairs toffee and kismi toffee. These have been in the market for several years, however cannot be easily found in supermarkets around you as newer brands and types have overpowered them. Nevertheless, their taste, quality and charm still remains the same and many people are constantly on the outlook for these. Bigbasket has all of these and more to shop for, thus making it your to-go online candy store. Halloween candy were a big thing back in the days when groups of kids used to go for trick or treat. These candies and toffees were extremely popular during those times and still continues to be among many. The imli toffee, pan pasand toffee and orange toffee India are common ones found even in small tea stalls in and around you in India. Lollipops are another popular type of candy on a stick that are loved by almost all children. Some of the top lollipop candy brands are Chuppa chups and Cadbury Eclairs. Yes, the very famous Cadbury eclairs toffee comes as a lollipop as well. The eclairs chocolate packet price is sold at Rs.254 per 650 gms. With a whole range of candy and chocolate, bigbasket can now be your online sweet candy store offering you the best of everything. We only have onboard the best quality of candies and chocolates keeping in mind the health of our little customers. Sit back at the comfort of your house and place your order of your favorite candy, chocolate or toffee now. Our value packs are great options to pick for your childs birthday party as it serves many and comes at a nominal price. Buy candy online on bigbasket now and satisfy your sweet cravings!