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    Buy variety of chewing gum at bigbasket

    If there was one thing we loved during our childhood it was chewing gum. Bubble gum during childhood mainly meant Big Babol and Boomer chewing gums, everyone loved chewing on these and blowing bubbled with them. You can still find your favourite childhood gum such as boomer bubble gum on bigbasket. Chewing gum, as studies have shown are quite helpful in keeping cavities away, since it stimulates saliva production that naturally cleans the teeth, of course, you have to chew on the sugar-free ones with xylitol in them There are several varieties of sugar-free chewing gums available at bigbasket like, Orbit chewing gum, Wrigleys doublemint gums and Happy dent chewing gum. These sugar-free chewing gums come in different flavours besides the regular peppermint and spearmint flavours like mixed fruit, orange cardamom lemon and more. Although, these sugar-free gums do not help in shedding the extra pounds, chewing them regularly may help get rid of that double chin and also help you get a strong jaw line. So if you’re listening, browse through our large array of chewing gums, pick your favourite chewing gum, and chomp your way to a great looking jawline. Many of these chewing gums also claim to whiten teeth like Orbit chewing gum, Trident white gum, Mentos gum pure and Supersmile whitening gum. Some of the other surprising benefits of chewing gums are it improves concentration, memory and alertness, combats stress and anxiety, reduces acid reflux and heartburn, improves breath, relieves dry mouth, fight nausea and also relieves ear pain during flights. Whatever be your reason for chewing gum, buy them from bigbasket that not only offers a huge variety of chewing gums but also offers attractive discounts on them too. Furthermore, you don’t need to travel to your local shop to get your pack of chewing gums you can get them delivered straight to your doorstep when you order with bigbasket.