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    The guilty pleasure that most of us can’t do without, chocolates have always been the go-to solution for sudden sweet tooth cravings. But, most of us deprive ourselves from savouring this sweet delicacy because of its effects on our health. However, chocolate is known to have many benefits as well! And when it is as simple as getting a huge box online at Big Basket, why should we keep ourselves away from it, right? Let’s take a look at some of the health benefits that chocolates provide.

    Health Benefits of Chocolates

    1. Improves Heart Health

    The flavonoids present in chocolate bars have been known to reduce the risk of strokes and other heart related diseases, especially in women. Flavnoids are a rich source of anti-oxidants that prevents the blood from clotting and provide strength to the heart, allowing it to function smoothly. Thus, you can rely on your weekly chocolate box to keep your heart in good shape.

    2. Reduces the risk or diabetes

    The nutrients present in chocolates, that is made from the cocoa butter extracted from the beans of the Theobroma cacao plant, can improve the sensitivity of insulin in the body. Therefore, it protects your from developing diabetes. However, you should go for the dark chocolate version of these delicious bars to obtain their undivided benefits as dark chocolate contains less amount of added sugar. So, you can present a chocolate gift pack to your near and dear as a healthy and tasty option.

    3. Increases mental ability

    A few studies done by universities and research labs have found that regular consumption of chocolate also helps in brain stimulation. Morever, the chemical composition of dark chocolate forms a protective shield around the brain cells and reduces the risk of damage. A substance known as Epicatechin that is found in a wide variety of chocolates is known to improve brain memory. A Cadbury chocolate box just before your exams doesn’t seem like such a bad idea now does it?

    4. Skin health

    Presenting your friend with a Cadbury Chocolate gift pack might just be the best idea ever! Why? Because contrary to popular belief that chocolate can cause an acne breakout, it has been found out in a recent study that these sweet treats are actually good for the skin. The flavonoids that are a major part of dark chocolate’s composition form a protective shield o the skin from the Ultraviolet Rays of the sun, thereby keeping it blemish free and preventing t from developing dark spots.

    5. Improves the flow of blood

    Adding chocolate in your diet will also increase the flow of blood in your body. The chemicals present in chocolate are known to facilitate faster blood flow in te cerebral arteries, thus, a good dose of chocolate will provide your brain with the required amount blood to function with ease.

    6. Controls cough

    The presence of theobromine in chocolate reduces the functionality of the vagus nerve in the brain that triggers coughing, thereby reducing coughs to a great extent. Hence, chocolate is the most delicious way to get rid of your cough.

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