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    It is hard to find someone who is not fond of chocolates. Chocolates and candies are a treat to one and all, regardless of their age. Any celebration or festival is made even more joyous with chocolate on the table or in the hand. With the high demand for chocolate everywhere, there are several brands that sell chocolate in the market. You can find a wide range of varieties when it comes to chocolates, while shopping online on bigbasket. Chocolates can be classified into three parts; dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate. Some of the best chocolate brands that you can find in the market are Lindt Chocolate and Hersheys chocolate. Belgian chocolates are also extremely famous all over the world for their unique taste and smooth texture. Indian chocolates are mainly focused on homemade chocolates, which come in different variants as well. Homemade chocolates with nuts are a big hit in the Indian market. Chocolate gifts are undeniably the best idea. Chocolate truffles and branded chocolate boxes are top picks for gifting. After all, it is hard for anyone to say no to chocolates and it’s the quickest way to put a smile on someone’s face. You can find an extensive mix of flavours and assortments of chocolates while shopping online on bigbasket. With the country moving towards a more health conscious approach, dark chocolate in India is seeing more demand. The more the percentage of cocoa in the chocolate, the darker it is. Pure dark chocolate does not contain any milk ingredients. You can choose your blend of cocoa, depending on how bitter or sweet you like your chocolate. There are several dark chocolate brands available; both international as well as local organic brands. One of the best dark chocolate’s have to be the lindt chocolate India. Whether you are looking to buy a chocolate bar, chocolate pack, chocolate gift pack or chocolate basket, bigbasket has an array of options within each. The chocolate price purely depends on the brand you choose to buy. You can now explore through a wide range and order chocolates online on bigbasket. Keeping in mind, our customers likes and satisfaction, we only offer the best brands available in the market on our online store. You can now buy chocolates online through our online store and have it delivered at your doorstep. You are just a few clicks away from experiencing a sweeter day.