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    Is your breakfast making you feel heavy and lethargic? If yes, then switch to muesli for a lighter yet extremely nutritious breakfast. Muesli breakfast is the new power food. Weight watchers, fitness enthusiast and health professionals are now increasingly switching to muesli breakfast to give their mornings a powerful start. Muesli is a pre-mixed ready-to-eat product consisting of oats, super seeds, dried fruits and nuts. The beauty of muesli lies in its versatility, you can either have it like an oatmeal or cereal by just adding milk or you can even soak it overnight in yoghurt or milk. Muesli now comes in varieties like Muesli nuts and fruits, muesli food with no added sugar, muesli with almonds, raisins and honey, Muesli cornflakes with nuts and honey, chocolate flavoured muesli, strawberry flavoured muesli, swiss style muesli and much more. What makes muesli breakfasts a power food is that it is high in fibre and is rich in protein, omega – 3 fatty acids, potassium, Vitamin E, C and B12 and much more. So make the switch today. The best thing about muesli is that it can be enjoyed by both adults and kids. The variety of flavours available would indeed appeal to the kids too. Buy muesli online at bigbasket and enjoy incredible deals on them. bigbasket offers a wide array of muesli to select from. Some of the popular types of muesli are, Kellogg’s muesli fruit magic, Kellogg’s muesli fruit and nut, Bagrry’s muesli, plain Kellogg’s muesli and Patanjali muesli. So now you can easily switch to a healthier breakfast option. Buy muesli online at bigbasket, where you can explore new varieties of muesli and also compare different brands and varieties of muesli too. Plus, you won’t even have to step out of your house, your muesli would be delivered to you.