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    Kids are famously picky eaters. It is incredibly difficult to make them eat a proper breakfast. Because of this their nutritional intake is not complete. But one thing that nearly all kids happily eat are chocolates, give them any kind of chocolates and they will happily gobble them up. Cashing in on their weakness for chocolates, cereals manufacturing companies now offer a vast range of chocolate flavoured cereals to choose from. Kids absolutely love them and are always eager to have them for breakfast. The best thing about these choco cereals is that they are tasty and yet do not compromise on the nutrition factor. These kids cereals are packed with the goodness of whole-grain, are rich in fibre and other essential vitamins, minerals and nutrition too. Some of the popular types of kid’s cereals available at bigbasket are Kellogg’s Chocos, Kellogg’s choco fills, Nesplus multigrain breakfast cereal – choco burst and strawberry burst, Nesplus – Kokos multigrain breakfast cereals, Kellogg’s chocos moon and stars, Kellogg’s chocos duet, Kellogg’s chocos crunchy bites, soulfull choco fills and much more. These cereals come in attractive shapes that appeal to the children. Now there are plenty of kid’s cereals available in the market and choosing between them can be really difficult. Hence, it is important to read the nutritional facts before you buy these kid’s cereal. Making breakfast for kids even healthier are the ragi breakfast cereals. These ragi cereals are incredibly healthy and come in chocolate flavour as well, so you can make the switch to ragi cereals without your kids even realizing it. One popular ragi cereals is the Soulfull ragi flakes. You can also boost the nutrient content of breakfast cereals by adding few cut fruits like berries and banana to them. This will not only add to the nutrients but, also taste great. So buy breakfast cereal from bigbasket and witness miraculously finished breakfast bowls every single day. Even adults can enjoy these breakfast cereals too.