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    Cookies are one of those satisfying products that help in curbing the hunger at peak times and also when we feel the need of eating something sweet after meals. Irrespective of the age, everybody loves cookies. With the huge options of buying readymade cookies of various types, none of us would like to get indulged in the activity of preparing the cookies on their own. At bigbasket, we provide the widest range of butter cookies, eggless cookies, coconut cookies, peanut butter cookies, homemade cookies, almond cookies, etc brought together from various brands all at one place.Cookies are something that is one of the most delicious desserts or snack one could ever have. There are different varieties of cookies such as danish butter cookies, peanut butter cookies, chocolate chip cookies, butter cookies and many more. Imagine sitting at home, or while working in an office suddenly you started craving for cookies but going outside to offline stores will suck and that would take a lot of efforts and at the end, you just control your craving by eating anything else. Hey! Don't bury your desires when Bigbasket is always there for you. At Bigbasket, you can order cookies online anytime and anywhere at a great price. We offer you the best cookies in India delivered on time at your doorsteps. Cookies are not only great at the taste but also these are having a number of health benefits. Healthy cookies contain whole grain flour, which provides vitamins, minerals, and fibre, all of which are nutritional in value. Dietary fiber has many health benefits including preventing constipation, helping in weight loss, and lowering blood cholesterol. Butter cookies biscuits often categorized as a "crisp cookie" due to their texture, caused in part because of the quantity of butter and sugar. Butter cookies at their most basic have no flavoring, but they are often flavored with vanilla, chocolate, and coconut, and/or topped with sugar crystals. They also come in a variety of shapes such as circles, squares, ovals, rings, and pretzel-like forms, and with a variety of appearances, including marbled, checkered or plain.

    Buy Cookies Online

    You can also check for rusk at bigbasket Since butter cookies are loved by almost everyone, you can also consider this product as a gifting option this festive season. Other than this, if you are an Indian you would surely need a cookie or two every time you sip tea or coffee. Meeting the needs and demands of all the people out there, bigbasket offers its customers a huge range of almond cookies and various other types of cookies as well prepared by the leading national as well as international brands. Since the cookies can be preserved for a long time, you can surely rely on them in situations when you are travelling or have nothing to cook. These mouth watering coconut cookies would never disappoint you. So next time you plan to buy the cookies, all you need to do is visit bigbasket, surf the cookies options and select the ones that you feel will satisfy your taste buds and we will deliver them at your doorsteps in a hassle free way.Here at Bigbasket, we offer you almost each and every type, taste, shape of cookies. When you can buy cookies online then what is there need to go to the offline stores. From Bigbasket you can have your favourite cookies of the best quality at a great price. As we all know that day by day price of chocolate is going higher that lead to the high cookies price too. That's why we've maintained our price range in such a manner so that our customers couldn't deny buying from our platform. As compared to offline stores we have maintained an aggressive price range, such as chocolate chip cookies price starting from Rs. 20. We have the butter cookies box too at a great price and of the best quality. We assure you that we would never disappoint you with our products and services because we immensely care about your needs, demands, and expectations. Because of your trust and support, we have become one of the most trusted and reputed platform. We always try to deliver your goods on time and in the right place. That's why we have become one of the fastest delivering online grocery platform. And all the credits goes to our amazing customers. We have almost every grocery product which you can order online without disturbing your busy routine. All you have to do is select your favourite product, place your order and you will get that product at your doorstep soon without any delays. So, hurry up! And start shopping now.