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    Gardening is one of the most peaceful and calming hobbies one can undertake. However, in present times having a garden is a luxury only a few could afford and as such people are taking to rooftop gardening or balcony gardening. No matter where a person indulges in gardening it certainly is extremely rewarding for the environment and the soul to see your efforts blooming prettily. It is quite important to have a hobby that just relaxes you and if gardening is one of your hobbies then you are quite lucky since it has several health benefits attached to it. Some of the many health benefits of practising gardening include - it is a great form of exercise, aids weight loss, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and decreases depression. Not a bad outcome for some blissful hours of solitary happiness. As happy as gardening makes you, it definitely requires a lot of hard work, patience and dedication. You need to take care of your plants like your own babies. And one of the most important things you need for the growth and nourishment of your plants besides water is fertilizers and pesticides. Fertilizers would boost the growth and health of the plant while pesticides would protect it from various pests and insects that might infest them. There are several different types of fertilizers that you can buy from your local fertilizer shops, like Inorganic fertilizers for plants, organic fertilizers, non-organic natural fertilizers and natural fertilizers. Among the variety of different fertilizers, it is better to choose the natural fertilizers, over the chemicals one since they are safe and environmentally friendly. The varied inorganic and organic plant fertilizers are available in a granular form and liquid form. The granular fertilizers are available in immediate and slow release formulas, while the liquid fertilizers only offers a quick release of nutrients into the soil and can penetrate to the root of the plant quickly to produce fast and visible results. Besides buying the commercially available fertilizers you can also prepare organic khad at home from your vegetable and fruit discards and give your plants a healthy boost. You can check on the internet the different ways to make organic khad at home and easily prepare your very own organic for zero cost. Plants essentially need more nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium among the variety of other nutrients needed and every plant has its own specific need. For example one of the best fertilizer for plants that do not flower or give fruit would be a fertilizer with high nitrogen content, while flowering and fruit plants require more of potassium and phosphorus for blooming properly. Not only fertilizers, but you should also opt for organic pesticides to protect your plants from harmful chemicals that can do more harm than good. There are separate pesticides for plants and you can easily find them online at bigbasket or at your nearest pesticide shop. In this digital era, it makes more sense to buy your pesticides online and your fertilizer plant online, since you not only get compare between products, read reviews but also get discounts on fertilizer prices plus free home delivery. Not to forget you can get all this by just sitting at home. So, don’t break a sweat and buy your fertilizers online and pesticides online along with other gardening essentials.