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    A major form of food that serves an evening snack as well as the main course in many Indian households, the pasta is a unique and mouth-watering Italian preparation that finds fans in every city of the world. Available in a variety of types, this amazing dish can be bought quite easily on the Big basket website. You can even choose from the various types on the homepage. Let’s take a look at the different types known to us.

    Types of Pasta

    • Spaghetti- Thin and strand-like in shape, the Spaghetti pasta is the most sought-after variety in the world. It is a staple ingredient of Italian cuisine. It is made with a mixture of milled wheat and water, that is sometimes infused with vitamins and minerals that help in providing strength to the body. • Fusili- Commonly known as spiral shaped pasta, the Fusili pasta is a short and twisted in shape. Named after the word ‘fuso’ which means spindle, It is made by spinning a small rod over thin pasta strips to make them resemble the shape of a corkscrew. They can be used to make white sauce pasta and the likes in restaurants and homes. • Ravioli- A ravioli pasta is like a stuffed pocket that is filled with a savouring stuffing between two thin layers of wheat. It can be made into a dish that has pasta sauce or even with a spicy broth for added taste. The stuffing inside a ravioli, which is usually square in shape is either cheese, seafood or spinach. • Macaroni: Shaped like an elbow, the macaroni is widely used all through the Indian sub-continent to make a variety of pasta recipes. They are usually cut into short pieces using durum wheat. The most common recipe of macaroni is the ‘Mac and Cheese’ that is loved by young and old alike. • Penne: Cylindrical in shape, the penne pasta is used to make dishes that contain a variety of sauces, like the Arabiatta pasta or the pesto pasta. There are two types of penne pasta available in the Italian, market, they are the rough looking Rigate pasta and the smooth like pasta. • Gnocchi: The Gnocchi appears to be like a small dumpling, that is made of softened dough. The dough is made of wheat, cheese, eggs and potatoes. Sometimes, breadcrumbs are added to the mix as well. The small pieces are pressed with forks to form ridges on the surface that can hold the source in the preparation. • Lasagne: One of the oldest types of past being consumes even today, A lasagne is flat and wide in appearance. It is used in the preparation of a dish with the same name, that consists of thin layers of lasagne pasta sheets layered on top of one another with sauces and meat or another kind of stuffing placed in between them. A favourite among Italians, the lasagne is quite popular in Indian restaurants that serve Italian cuisine. Whole wheat pasta and other healthy variations are available on the Big Basket website or mobile app where you can place an order and go wild with your Italian culinary skills.