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    Oils are an essential part in your everyday lifestyle. Be it in your cooking or your beauty regime, the use of oils are unavoidable. There is a wide range of plant-based and vegetable based oils that are edible as well as great to include in your everyday hair and skin care routine. bigbasket offers a whole range of oils for different uses on its online site to shop from. While coconut oil is the most versatile oil available to use however we want, especially in the kitchen, there are several other oils to use while cooking as well. Groundnut oil and sunflower oil are other oils used in the kitchen and are highly nutritious in value. Olive oil is also popularly used in the kitchen, however, olive oil for hair is used to make your mane smooth and get rid of the frizz. Castor oil is famous oil that you can buy from our online store. Castor oil for hair is used for hair growth by many. Hair oils come in different flavours as well, just like cooking oils. Some of them are almond oil, neem oil and morocco oil. Similarly, in foods, fish oils, canola oils and sesame oil add great flavour to your dishes. bigbasket leaves no leaves unturned when it comes to their oils. The options of buying oils from our online store are plenty and cannot be matched to any grocery store aisle. You can also find some unique brands selling unique oils such as argan oil and lavender oil on our site. Look out for great deals and offers while shopping online with us. Order your choice of oil and have it delivered directly to your house in almost no time.