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    Olive oil is fast growing to become the widely-used oil for cooking, frying and even as a dressing for salads owing to the multiple health benefits it provides. This pure olive oil is extracted from the liquid fat of olives from the Mediterranean basin. Hence, this oil was majorly used in Mediterranean cuisine but is now being used by everyone around the world because of the benefits it provides. It has been proven with evidence that regularly consuming olive oil in our diet can greatly decrease the risk of many chronic diseases. Extra virgin olive oil is a type of olive oil that is said to be of the highest grade of virgin oils. It is extracted through cold mechanical extraction with no interference of solvents and refining methodologies. Extra virgin olive oil is said to be tastier than regular olive oil. There are various brands of extra virgin olive oil that can be purchased online at Bigbasket. The primary countries from where this oil is imported are Australia, Italy and Spain. A few of the famous brands that manufacture extra virgin olive oil are Allegro, Borges, Del Monte, Figaro, Disano and Heracles. However, Borges olive oil is said to be the most popular brand. Figaro extra virgin olive oil is also quite popular amongst olive oil brands. The olive oil price depends on the brand, country of origin and quantity. Borges being the most popular, the price of a 1 litre bottle of Borges extra light olive oil costs Rs.796 while the extra virgin range is priced at Rs.999. A 5 litre Borges extra light bottle costs around Rs.2800. The Borges extra virgin olive oil harmony range which comes packed in a glass bottle is priced at Rs.599 for 500 ml. Zetun Olive oil is a fairly new brand in the olive oil market which is manufactured in Australia. A 50 ml Zetun extra virgin olive oil pouch is priced at Rs.65 while the 100 ml pouch is priced at Rs.125. If you are looking for economical yet healthy options in the oil section, then Zetun Olive oils would be the perfect option for you. It is best to buy your preferred olive oil on Bigbasket as you will receive a lot of discounts and combo offers for the same which will help you save money and your health too!