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    Tofu is a food which is made from coagulation of soya milk. The resulting curd is pressed into white blocks which are soft in texture. Tofu is commonly used in Asian countries. It is also known as bean curd. Soya tofu is commonly used in Indian dishes and is available in retail stores and you can conveniently buy tofu from our website, Bigbasket. Tofu is loved by its customers as it has many nutritional benefits. Tofu is generally known for its high content of protein which is also known as tofu protein. It is a great source of protein for many vegetarians and vegans. One block of tofu contains 117 calories. Tofu price is 80 rupees per kilogram. You can really use tofu is many dishes. People usually get confused between tofu and paneer and think it is one and the same thing and give weird names like tofu paneer but there no product like that. Paneer is a milk product whereas tofu is a soy product. Both of them are an exceptional source of protein, calcium but tofu food is considered way healthier as compared to cottage cheese because tofu is rich in iron and is low in calories. It may take some time to develop a taste for Tofu but is a great inclusion in your diet. There are two types of tofu, silken tofu and regular tofu or firm tofu. Silken tofu is also called soft, silk, or Japanese-style tofu as it has a softer consistency than regular tofu and will fall apart if not handled carefully. You might have noticed that silken tofu (soft tofu), unlike regular tofu, is sometimes packaged in aseptic boxes that do not require refrigeration. Due to this, silken tofu is sometimes sold in a different section of grocery stores than regular tofu, which is packed in water and requires refrigeration. This type of tofu is usually liked by our mothers to cook at home as it goes with everything, the chicken, with salads, on your pasta etc. Firm tofu, on the other hand, consists of hard consistency and can be used in many yummy dishes. People are not so aware of tofu in India as cottage cheese has always stolen the spotlight. Tofu price in India 120 rupees per kg. Tofu is really loved by some of our customers for its unique taste and soft slimy texture. Tofu dishes are getting popular in India as it is served in many hotels and restaurants. Tofu when simply a fried and sizzled with some Indian spices tastes really mesmerising. But you can easily buy tofu online from our website and can get many discounts. We believe in serving our customers with the best services and with the best quality brands and products. We also have many discounts schemes for the buyers. You can grab fresh and tasty tofu from our site, Bigbasket.