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    Greek yogurt is having its moment in the spotlight. Off late, the world has slowly woken up to its immense health benefits and has given it the distinction of being a superfood. Greek yogurt is similar to the regular yogurt we Indians have been consuming since ages, with the chief difference being that Greek yogurt is creamier and thicker than regular yogurt. This thicker yogurt is achieved by extensively straining regular yogurt to drain out any extra amount of whey and lactose resulting in a thicker and creamier version of the regular yogurt. Other factors that set Greek yogurt apart are – Greek yogurt has double the amount of protein, three times the amount of saturated fat, half the sodium and half the carbohydrates than regular plain yogurt. And as such Greek yogurt can be said to be the healthier version of regular yogurt. What makes Greek yogurt so popular is the high nutrition profile and lower calories. A Greek yogurt is also a great option for lactose intolerant people and a cup of Greek yogurt is enough to meet the recommended levels of three daily servings of a non-fat dairy product. Some of the varied health benefits of Greek yogurt are – a great source of protein especially for vegetarians, probiotics in it boost the immune system, the calcium builds strong muscles and the proper functioning of vital organs, is a rich source of Vitamin B – 12, rich in potassium and aids weight loss. With so many health benefits, its time you switchover to Greek yogurt from your regular yogurt. There are several different brands of Greek Yogurt available in the market. Among them, Epigamia has created a niche for itself. Epigamia Greek yogurt enjoys quite a fan following and people are increasingly using it as both a pre-workout and post-workout food. Epigamia yogurt is not only enjoyed by adults but, the ice cream like taste also makes it a hit among the kids. The varied delicious flavours of Epigamia yogurt adds to its popularity. Epigamia offers several different yogurt flavours namely – alphonso mango, strawberry, wild raspberry, honey banana, natural, pink guava and blueberry. Epigamia yogurt being a gourmet food is slightly expensive than usual yogury and the 90 gm cup of Epigamia yogurt price will set you back by 40 rupees. Although a bit expensive Greek yogurt is packed with essential nutrients and vitamins and is worth every rupee spent on it. You can buy Epigamia Greek yogurt online from bigbasket and have them conveniently delivered to your home.