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    Dairy products are consumed almost on an everyday basis by everyone, be it in the form of milk, curd, cheese, yoghurt, butter, etc. bigbasket brings the luxury of buying unique brands of dairy conveniently to its customers through its online platform. More varieties than you can think of is made available to buy online. Butter is one of the highly consumed dairy products and comes in various forms for various uses. While butter can be used for cooking, it is simply also used as a spread with your daily bread, chappati or even dosa. The variations of butter as a spread are plenty such as garlic butter, peanut butter and almond butter. With the Peanut butter being the most sort-after spread amongst all others, several brands have come up with their own recipe of it. Customers can easily find quite a lot of options including natural peanut butter and organic peanut butter online. Funfoods and Sundrop are some of the best peanut butter brands that can be bought on bigbasket. On the other hand, there are also several other kinds of butters used for cooking. People are looking to go completely organic, even with their dairy products. Thus, there are many brands offering organic butter as well. Lurpak butter is one of the most famous brands worldwide consumed by a lot of people. While the quality and product lifecycle of dairy products are being questioned by the day, people tend to put question marks on whether these products need to be consumed at all while sold in packages. Every dairy product comes with a close expiry date and those sold in the market come with added preservatives to help it maintain its taste and quality. Don’t worry while ordering online on bigbasket. You can find a range of top quality brands such as Amul, Cavins, Nandini good life, Heritage, Britannia and more offering almost all kinds of dairy products with different variants. When it comes to yoghurt, Epigamia stands a class apart with its flavoured and non-flavoured cups! To get yourself the best among the dairy products in India including healthy organic peanut butter, yoghurt or anything else, shop online on bigbasket. Have fresh dairy goodness delivered to your house by bigbasket.