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    Chocolates are always much in demand by people who have a sweet tooth but everyone likes variety which means candies and jellies will never go out of vogue. Whether you are a fan of chocolate candy or fruit jelly, BigBasket has all the candy jelly you could possibly want. Candy is made when sugar in dissolved either in water or milk to form a syrup which then gets boiled until it starts to caramelize. Candy can be either soft and chewy or hard and brittle. Fruit jelly is made from fruit flavour, acid, water, pectin, and sugar. Want something with a twist? Buy sour candy for yourself and enjoy the bittersweet taste. Zour Bomb makes the best sour candy known to mankind. In the mood for some marshmallow candy? Why not try chocolate marshmallow? Marshmallow candy is made from sugar, gelatin and water and chocolate is coated onto it to make chocolate marshmallow. And if gummy bear candy is the way to your heart, you can get those too on BigBasket. Instead of wasting time searching for candy jelly like say marshamallow online, simply browse the virtual grocery store and add every candy jelly you need to your cart. Why stop at gummy candy? You can also buy jelly toffee or jelly bear. This is perfect for a kid’s birthday party or even if you are an adult who still loves sweet jelly. Instead of going to a candy store, you just buy all the candy you want online. Candy sticks are usually made from sugar and water and the process is more complicated than the ingredients. While you can try making it at home, if you are looking for the best candy sticks that you can eat right away, order yours on BigBasket. Apart from the different candy jelly available on BigBasket, there are also several different brands that you can pick and choose from. For instance, you can buy jelly chocolate from Zour Bomb, Haribo and Tommy among others. Worried that all these gourmet candy jelly might burn a hole in your wallet? Don’t be. BigBasket has offers that you can avail of all year round along with combo and value packs that ensure that you always pay less than the MRP listed on the product. For example, the marshmallow price on BigBasket is Rs 199 for a 150 grams pouch by Haribo and Rs 135 for a 160 gram pouch by Marshmallow. Order all the candy jelly you need and get it delivered the very same day.