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    “You complete me”.

    You would wonder why such a popular movie dialogue is being featured in a page which shows leaves of different varieties and some lemon, ginger. But every dish be it Indian, Italian, Chinese is incomplete without any of the herbs or the seasoning ingredients.

    Before we dive deep into what exactly these tiny & essential ingredients in every meal is about, let’s understand how we have classified /grouped them together. Herbs and Seasoning category houses many products, which we have further divided into Indian & exotic herbs and seasoning ingredients such as Lemon, ginger & garlic. If your taste is tailored towards Indian, we have wide range of herbs such as coriander, curry leaves etc. and if your taste leans towards the west, we have herbs such as parsley, celery and basil. And if you are someone who likes to have food with a zingy flavor, we have wide range of seasoning ingredients such as lemon, ginger, garlic & chillies.

    Indian Herbs

    Coriander and curry leaves are widely used throughout India mainly as a seasoning ingredient and also in other forms such as a powder called podi in South India and in chutneys & masalas. In this section we will cover popular recipes, medicinal benefits, when you should use your product before and many other useful information.

    Popular recipes using coriander or curry leaves – Lemon coriander soup, pudina chutney, pudina rice.

    Medicinal Benefits
    • Coriander contains anti-inflammatory properties and helps in fighting against disease such as arthritis.
    • Curry leaves help in weight loss and helps treat calcium deficiency.
    • Coriander and curry leaves are generally part of diets which help in reducing sugar levels (Diabetes).

    Best before use: 4 days in ideal refrigerated conditions.

    Exotic Herbs

    Celery, parsley and basil have been classified under exotic herbs.

    Initially celery was grown only during the winter to overcome the deficiency of the holiday diet which contained only meat without any vegetables. Since the advent of 21st century, Celery has been recommended by every nutritionist to be included in the diet throughout the year. Celery has been recognized as the most important vegetable when one goes on weight loss diet Celery has been used often as base for soups and sauces. Celery leaves provide mild spiciness and is also used in cooking fish whether it’s baked, fried or roasted. Celery seed when grounded and mixed with salt produces flavor which is used in cocktails & hot dogs.

    Parsley, a biennial plant is the most commonly used in western cuisine such as in Brazil and North America. Parsley is a rich source of antioxidants like vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K & more. Often used as a garnish, well chopped parsley sprinkled on mashed potato, roasted chicken, lamb or steak is a sight to savour.

    Basil, a distant relative of the mint family is considered to be a holy plant by many religions and has been significantly used by Ayurveda practitioners for its therapeutic properties. Basil is also used as a fresh ingredient in recipes and is a common ingredient in pesto sauce. Chinese and Taiwanese cuisine use basil in their soups either in a fresh form or deep fried.

    Popular Recipes:
    Parsley – Pull Apart Cheese Garlic Bread, Mushroom Quinoa Rice, Clear Broccoli and Carrot Soup.
    Celery – Vegetable Chow Mein, Paneer Walnut and Celery Roll, Salads.
    Basil – Cheese Tomato Basil Pasta, Tomato Basil Soup.

    Medicinal Benefits:
    Parsley - Abundance of Vitamin C and Apigenin boosts immunity and prevent inflammation.
    Celery – Supports digestion, reduces inflammation.
    Basil – Widely used in Ayurveda for its therapeutic properties.

    Best before use: 4 days in ideal refrigerated conditions.


    We have classified lemon, ginger, garlic & chillies under the seasoning category. The reason being that these ingredients predominantly are used to influence the flavor of the recipe, mostly pertaining to Indian cuisine. We also have organically grown lemon, ginger, garlic and chilli. To make it easier to use and reduce your prep time, we also have chopped green chilli, ginger and peeled garlic.


    There is a popular saying “When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade”.

    But this doesn’t stand true in the Indian context where when we get lemons, we use it in our rice, we use it to make rasam and also use it as ingredient in most of our dishes. Lemon, a popular citrus fruit is used for cooking as well as cleaning purposes. Apart from lemonade, lemon is also used as ingredient in tea, soups and pickle throughout India.


    Apart from its wide use in enhancing any recipe, ginger is also widely used in folk medicine. It is grown throughout India, contributing to 34% of the global production. Ginger tea, ginger pickle are some of the most popular recipes in India. As far as medicinal properties are concerned, ginger helps in digestion and reducing inflammation.

    Garlic and Chilli

    Both of them act as spicing agents and add exquisite flavor to any dish and also have been used in medicine and as preservative for a long time. Chilli is used as analgesic in ointments, sprays for pain relief. Garlic has been used as a fish and meat preservative as well.

    Medicinal Benefits
    Lemon: Helps in treating common cold, flu and tinnitus.
    Ginger: Helps in digestion and reducing inflammation.
    Garilic and Chilli: Analgesic in Ointments, Sprays for pain relief.
    Neem Giloy: Antidote for Dengue.

    Best Before use: 4 days in ideal refrigerated conditions.