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    These vegetables are edible plants grown underground. Some of the most common root vegetables are carrot, beetroot, chukandar and radish. Being grown amidst the soil, they are exposed to many pesticides and fertilizers to grow them out artificially and make them look better. It is important to pick vegetables that are grown organically to gain the maximum nutrition from them. Along with all your other house-hold and kitchen needs, you can now buy a range of root vegetables from bigbasket’s online store. These root vegetables are extremely high in nutritional value, unlike gourd vegetables. They are packed with several vitamins, minerals and fibre coming from nutrient dense soil. They are however low in calories and rich in anti-oxidants. You can get almost all of your important nutrients from these vegetables. What makes it more interesting is that they are said to fight cancer, diabetes, obesity and more. Beetroot vegetable is one of the most popular root vegetables. The uses of beetroot are plenty. They can be used to make the main dish, sides or most popularly had as juices. Beetroot calories are low in numbers and high in nutritional value. They are said to be great for your skin. Beetroot juice benefits are plenty, such as boosts your stamina, improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure. Radish is more of bland tasting vegetable that is nutrient rich. It comes in different forms such as white radish and pink radish. The same goes with carrot as orange and red carrot. They all carry almost the same nutritional values as one other. You can find the best carrot price or beetroot price while shopping online on bigbasket as compared to the market prices. You can also look out for great deals, offers and value packs on our online store that you won’t easily find in the markets around you. We take the quality of our products seriously and only sourced from top grade vendors with reliable and fresh produce. Our efficient delivery team will have your order delivered to your doorstep at a convenient time of yours. If you are looking to buy beetroot, radish or carrot online, bigbasket is the go-to store for you. You can also shop for all other vegetables and fruits with us by sitting at the comfort of your house. Put away all the time and effort taken to go to the grocery store and pick out fresh ones from a big pile of vegetables and order online now.

    Root Vegetables

    Root vegetables are those produces found underground that are edible. These vegetables consist of some of the most vital nutrients that are essential for the body. Some of the most common root vegetables are carrot, beetroot, chukandar and white radish. You can now buy them and all your other grocery needs through bigbasket’s online store. The beetroot vegetable has several health benefits such as helps lowering blood pressure, helps in maintaining a healthy weight, improves stamina, prevents cancer and more. It is a highly nutritious vegetable that has ample amounts of potassium and other minerals. The uses of beetroot go beyond just juicing it or making a side out of it. It can even be used for beauty reasons. One of the most common beetroot juice benefits are that it brings a glow to your skin. Similarly, radishes and red carrots also have similar health benefits and are packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. All these root vegetables are important ingredients in the Indian cuisine and can be made into side dishes or used in main dishes as well. It only gets even more interesting that carrot and beetroot are used to make some of the most prominent Indian sweets called ghajar ka halwa and beetroot halwa. The versatility of these vegetables are extensive. As these vegetables are exposed to the soil directly, they are prone to look dirty and are also exposed to fertilizers and pesticides used to grow them to look better. However, this way, not only are the nutrients lost from the vegetable but they may also be harmful to our health. It is thus very important to buy your produce from well-known and trusted vendors, preferably organic ones, especially when it comes to root vegetables. This way we can preserve their nutritional value and reap maximum benefits from them. You can now buy beetroot, radish, carrot online on bigbasket along with all your other vegetables and fruits. Our online store is your one stop shop for all your grocery and household needs. You no more need to step out of your house to do your grocery shopping, sit back on your couch and place all that you need into your cart. You will find a variety of choices to pick from. Our efficient delivery team will have your order delivered at your doorstep within no time. Live a healthier life by making healthier choices by shopping online on bigbasket!