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    Eating healthy food is not just the need of the hour but a necessity as well for leading a healthy life. However, peeling, chopping and cutting veggies is not an easy task and gets really tiring for the people and makes them think whether to go for some junk food or a veggie delight. We, at Bigbasket, are at your service to help you with this tedious task. We provide you with a big list of veggies to choose from as per your convenience. It's an all-new revolution for the people who find all these tasks very tiring and especially the working women who handle both kitchen and other work and have always wished for help. We are here to provide you with chopped veggies so that you can concentrate on your recipe rather wasting time and energy upon chopping. We never compromise on the quality of our product as well as the procedure involved in delivering you the product at its best. Eating vegetables is always a prescription from doctors to deal with any sort of illness or deficiency caused because of their high nutrient content. Food like pizza and burger have also not remained untouched from these veggies besides the vegetable meal prepared daily in households. We have so many fresh-cut vegetables and pre-cut vegetables, freshly picked from organic farms and gardens to avail your needs. We have experienced workers involved in the cutting, chopping and peeling process to help you so that you don't have to cut vegetables and we provide a total assurance that a proper hygiene is maintained while doing so. A repeated and a timely quality check is part of the quality inspection held to continuously remove anything that does not meet the quality standards. Chopping is very cumbersome and even after a lot of efforts, sometimes the desired results are not obtained. So we provide you with evenly chopped vegetable. And you can easily get chopped onions online, and say goodbye to the uneasiness and tears that you've faced while chopping them. As onions provide a subtle aroma and flavour to your food and some people even eat raw onion. It is very good for asthmatic patients. When you are preparing for a family get together, everyone is eagerly waiting for lunch and are running short of time, why waste so much of time when you can get chopped vegetables online. Peeling garlic is way too tiring and creates a lot of mess while doing so but not to worry! We provide you with fresh garlic peeled online. Garlic is majorly used as a flavouring agent and can be consumed in raw form also. A free home delivery freshly cut vegetable with so many options to choose from. Ranging from the green leafy to the vividly colourful veggies. So hurry up and grab yours from our Bigbasket store. Order our fresh veggies online and avail our discounts before they end up and there's no need to visit any shop because we will be at your doorstep soon to provide them.