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    Buy Organic Sugar and Jaggery Online

    Almost all of our foods already have some level of sugar content in them. Consuming too much sugar on a regular basis can turn out to be harmful for your health. Considering that all the commercial sugars are processed, joining the organic bandwagon only seems like a smart idea. bigbasket now offers a variety of organic sugar. Our range of organic jaggery or organic cane sugar does the same job as any processed sugar does for you. It adds the taste of sweetness to your food just like any other processed sugar, eliminating the negative side effects of it. Other products that can substitute your processed sugar are organic jaggery powder, organic palm sugar and organic brown sugar. Not only does it act as a treat to your sweet tooth, but organic jaggery benefits for health are also plenty. It is filled with anti-oxidants and minerals and helps boost your immune system. Organic jaggery price may differ from one brand to another. bigbasket offers a wide range of brands to choose from. 24 mantra and pro nature are two brands that are extremely popular when it comes to buying organic products. Within the product line of these brands you can find several products such as 24 mantra organic sugar, 24 mantra organic jaggery powder, pro nature organic jaggery powder and more.You can also buy organic foods online. If you are looking to buy organic raw sugar or organic jaggery online, bigbasket has just what you need. Your search for anything organic ends here. Shop from bigbasket organic store and have your order delivered to your doorstep. You need not worry about quality while shopping online with us, as we only source from the best of vendors. Don’t forget to look out for great combo offers and deals on our online store, our value packs are truly a treat for everyone.Visit bigbasket now and order online.With the dipping temperature all over the country, it is high time we welcomed some warm food items into our diet. Jaggery or "Gur" is one of the items to be included for increasing body warmth. You can find jaggery in almost every nook and corner of the market - from small vendors on the roadside to small provision stores. A jaggery is an unrefined form of sugar which is known for its health benefits as it is loaded with iron and vitamin C. Jaggery is processed by boiling the concentrated juice of sugarcane. Jaggery is by far a better alternative for harmful white sugar. White sugar consumption may increase the risks of heart diseases, increases body weight and can increase blood sugar levels. So avoid your intake of white sugar and switch to organic sugar and organic palm sugar. Experts recommend people to have organic jaggery during winters as it produces heat in the body. Healthy food habits today will help you build a better future tomorrow.Cultivate the habit of replacing white sugar in milk with organic jaggery powder among children since it helps in building their immunity. You can also prepare sweets for festival and occasions using organic palm jaggery for a healthy body and soul.

    Organic Jaggery Health Benefits

    ? Jaggery helps in proper digestion in the body as it activates the digestive enzymes and reduces stress in the intestine by speeding up the digestion process. Proper digestion in the body will eliminate constipation problems at large. ? Another significant benefit of jaggery is that it acts as a natural cleansing agent in the body. It removes the unwanted particles in the body. It acts as a detox by flushing out the toxins from our body. Jaggery acts as a rejuvenator for the body. ? Jaggery is loaded with antioxidants and minerals that boost immunity in the body. Stronger immunity helps us to fight against diseases. ? Regular intake of jaggery helps us to maintain blood sugar levels. Jaggery contains sodium and potassium which reduces the acid levels in the body. So, it is always considered a better alternative to white sugar which can drastically shoot up the blood sugar levels. A precaution you should keep in mind when getting Jaggery to babies is that moderation is key. Even though it has many health benefits, children can get addicted to it. Also, it may be that the baby's digestive system is not yet prepared to absorb and digest jaggery. In case of any reactions, be sure to consult the doctor. Checking the purity of jaggery is quite a task as it should not be salty, bitter and should not contain any form of impurities. To avoid such chaotic work, people prefer organic jaggery like 24 Mantra organic jaggery powder to use in their beverages. To find your pack of goodness like organic jaggery you do not have to take a trip to the supermarket often. That's because organic cane sugar, organic jaggery powder and organic brown sugar and many more variants are available on online in bigbasket.