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    Masalas are a blend of spices, not only meant to make your food taste better but also are great for your health. They are used in curries and other stir-fried dishes and are condiments that cannot be avoided in most cuisines. What is Indian food without its Garam masala? Bigbasket brings to you a unique and wide range of blended masalas on its online store for you to buy. Indian masalas are plenty in number and are used in almost all Indian dishes. The varieties of masalas are extensive and there are some specific ones for each dish. Chicken masalas, paneer masala and chana masala are some of the most popularly used masalas in the Indian cuisine. Even the main ingredient behind the lip-smacking Indian Chaats lie in its masalas. Pav bhaji masala, poori masala and pani puri masala can also be bought on our online store. The flavours and taste of non-vegetarian masalas differ from vegetarian masalas, and thus you can find a separate variety of mutton masala, prawn masala and so on too on bigbasket. The most favoured masalas of all time are the chicken tikka masala and chicken butter masala in the non-veg variety and vegetable masala and sambhar masala in the vegetarian variety. bigbasket is a platform for all your masala needs. Explore a wide range of them and pick the ones that most satisfy your cravings and add them to your online basket right away. bigbasket’s delivery service will have your products delivered to your doorstep within no time. We understand that the quality of the ingredients is what results in great taste and thus, provide only top grade products on our online store. Enjoy flavoursome meals by adding some tasteful Indian masalas to your cooking.

    About Blended Masalas

    Masalas or spices is what makes Indian food so great-tasting. Order your favorite masalas from BigBasket like Chicken Butter Masala, Tandoori Chicken Masala or Mutter Paneer Masala and prepare mouth-watering dishes. The benefit of buying these specific blended masalas is that you do not have to mix your own spices or worry about the proportions of the spices. Making your own blend can take a lot of trial and error and even significant time and effort. These ready-made blended masalas make cooking simple and efficient. These are perfect for busy people who do not want to give much thought to prepping ingredients but still love cooking regularly. These masalas like Butter Chicken Masala or Mattar Paneer Masala enhance the taste of the dishes and make it restaurant quality.

    Types of Masalas

    Most of these masalas contain 13-14 spices mixed in exactly the right quantity to ensure consistent taste in every dish you prepare. Chicken Butter Masala contains Asafoetida, Bengal Gram, Black Cardamom, Black Gram, Black Pepper, Cardamom Seeds, Cassia, Chilli, Clove, Common Salt, Coriander Cumin, Dry Ginger, Garlic, Fenugreek, Kasuri Methi, Mace, Nutmeg, Poppy Seeds, Turmeric. Mutter Paneer Masala consists of Coriander, Chilli, Fennel, Salt, Onion Powder, Garlic, Ginger Powder, Cumin, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Mace, Cloves, Black pepper, Cardamom, Star-anise. All these blended masalas are 100% vegetarian.

    Health benefits of consuming Masalas

    Apart from making food taste better, blended masalas also have a ton of health benefits because of the spices they contain. Garam Masala for instance can help increase blood flow because it is spicy and it also helps the body in absorption of vitamins and minerals. Turmeric which is found in most blended masalas is a great anti-inflammatory spice and is even touted to help prevent cancer. Cayenne pepper also greats boosts the digestion process as does cumin. These spices are what help make Indian food tastier and healthier compared to other cuisines.