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    Buy Mukhwas and Mouth Fresheners: Sabja & Fennel Seeds, Sweet Saunf, Supari

    Mukhwas is an after-meal snack that helps in digestion. It originated from the words 'mukh' meaning face and 'vas' meaning sweet smell.

    It is something that is commonly eaten in many Indian households. The English word for mukhwas is mouth freshener.

    Meetha pan that you often eat after meals at weddings is a type of mukhwas. Mukhwas is usually a blend of various types of seeds and nuts. Some of these seeds themselves can serve as mukhwas. You can mix and match these seeds and nuts yourself to make a mouth freshener that suits your taste.

    It leaves behind a refreshing smell in the mouth and has a nice aftertaste.

    Types and Components of Mukhwas

    There are different kinds of mukhwas, and some of the common ones are:

    Sabja Seeds

    Sabja seeds of basil seeds are easily available. They offer with enormous health benefits, thanks to their high fatty acid and fiber content. Sabja seeds are usually added with other seeds to make mukhwas.

    Sabja seeds are known to help in weight loss. They make you feel full and may aid in controlling blood sugar and cholesterol.

    Fennel Seeds

    Saunf is a common mukhwas in many Indian households. You can use in make a multi-seed mukhwas or have it raw. Some people also dry roast fennel seed as they enjoy the crispy texture.

    Flavoured fennel seeds or candy-coated fennel seeds are also available.


    You must have heard about jeera golis and anardana golis. These are basically ayurvedic digestive candies that help in digestion. They help reduce flatulence and get rid of minor gastric issues.

    And the best part? These candies taste delicious. These golis are usually a mixture of natural herbs. Obviously the main ingredient in anardana golis is pomegranate seeds while jeera golis have a strong jeera taste.


    Betel nuts have been used as mukhwas since time immemorial. However, it should not be eaten on a regular basis. Chewing betel nuts (in small quantities) aids in the production of saliva, and this helps in digestion.

    Flavoured betel nuts are also available.

    Mouth Freshener

    You will also find an extensive variety of mouth fresheners. These usually are a mixture of various seeds and herbs and have a sweet taste.

    Some might be flavoured and others non-flavoured. Popular flavours include imli, mango, meetha pan and more.

    Some of the other seeds and herbs that fall under this category are ajwain, flax seeds, sesame seeds and dill seeds.

    Easy Homemade Mukhwas Recipes

    While you will get most of these seeds available individually, you can also make your own mukhwas at home to enjoy their benefits together.

    Here is one easy Ayurvedic mukhwas recipe:


    • Fennel seeds - 50 gm
    • Flax seeds - 20 gm
    • Dill seeds - 20 gm
    • White sesame seeds - 50 gm
    • Carom seeds (ajwain) - 20 gm
    • Grated coconut (dried) - 50 gm
    • Rock candy - 40 gm
    • Dried ginger powder - 5 gm
    • Cinnamon powder - 5 gm
    • Clove powder - 5 gm
    • Jeshthamadh powder  - 5m

    Steps to Follow

    1. Dry roast all the seeds in a non-stick pan along with the coconut. Transfer the mixture to another bowl and let it cool.
    2. Now mix the other ingredients.
    3. Store in an airtight bottle.

    Have guests over for dinner? Serve them this delicious mukhwas to give the perfect ending to a delicious meal.


    • Dark cooking chocolate - 100 gm
    • Gulkand - 100 gm
    • Coconut powder - 100 gm
    • Dry dates - 10 pieces
    • Mukhwas (mixture) - 1 tbsp

    Steps to Follow

    1. Take a large bowl and combine gulkand, coconut and mukhwas in it. Mix well.
    2. Now make bite-sized balls out of this mixture.
    3. Insert half a date into the centre of these balls. You can replace dates with a cherry.
    4. Shape the balls properly using your palm
    5. Refrigerate for at least 30-40 minutes.
    6. Meanwhile, melt the dark cooking chocolate. You can do so in the microwave. Chop the bar into small pieces. Heat half of it in the microwave for 30 seconds. Take out and mix well. Put the rest and heat for another 20 seconds.
    7. Now coat each of the balls with this tempered chocolate. Roll well so that chocolate sticks to the balls.
    8. Take out on a clean plate and garnish with sugar sprinkles. Your mukhwas-dessert combination is ready.

    Benefits of Mukhwas

    The benefits of mukhwas are many, and they mostly depend on the included ingredients. Some common benefits include:

    Aids in Digestion

    Seeds like basil, fennel, dill etc. help in digestion. They are rich in fibre content and have anti-inflammatory properties. Having mukhwas can help prevent indigestion, flatulence and bloating, especially after a heavy meal. They also keep your digestive tract healthy and your gut happy.

    May Help in Weight Loss

    Mukhwas ingredients like ajwain, dill seeds, fennel seeds, and basil seeds can also help in weight loss. Taking some of these seeds in an empty seeds can do wonders when it comes to losing weight.

    Lends a Fresh Feeling

    Most people have mukhwas as they leave behind an aftertaste that they enjoy. Your mouth feels and smells fresh after you consume mukhwas.

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