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    Seafood is rich in vital nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins, most prominently used seafood is fish and shellfish. Fresh fish has a shorter shelf-life, and people have to use preservative methods to store them for little longer. Whereas, dried fish when stored in a clean airtight container can last for about 6-12 months. Many different types of seafood are dried and used widely all over the worldRich in protein and other minerals, fish is a favourite food for many. While many people believe that fresh fish is the way of consumption, there are oblivious to the fact that dry fish exist in the market. Dried fish allows the freshness of the fish to be preserved by removing the water content from the food. While all markets easily sell fresh fish on a daily basis, it is rare to see markets that supply actually fresh dry fish. bigbasket makes your search for dry fish much simpler by providing a variety of it online.You can also buy canned sea food online. You can find a range of dry fish online to buy from our store. While some popular species like Nathili, Tuna fish and prawns are available, there is also some rare seafood likeprawn fish, sole fish and Bombay duck that you can find. The options are plenty while shopping online with us. Keeping in mind the importance of hygienic handling of seafood, we source only the best of brands from the market. H.S.Dry Fish is a brand that is available with us with not only provides clean fish food and packaging but also offers a variety of dry fish that comes mixed with spices and gives aromatic flavours like no other. The dried fish that you buy here is distinctly soft and has a slightly oily texture that gives you a delectable taste in the mouth. If you are looking to buy dry fish online, look no more. bigbasket is the platform you need. You can buy dried fish for sale online while shopping with us and also benefit from our great deals and value packs. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority and thus we ensure that quality and price go hand in hand without any compromise. Order your dried fish on bigbasket and have it delivered to your house within no time.What is drying of fish? Drying is a method of removing the moisture content in the fish and making it edible for a longer period of time. Dried fish will stay fresh when it is not exposed to any sort of moisture. Buy dried fish online which has competitive dry fish rates compared to regular fish markets and store them to have a taste even during the off-season for seafood. The off-season for seafood is usually during the rainy season. Though the smell of dried fish variants is quite nasty, they taste great when cooked and retain the nutrients of fresh fish.

    Nutrients in dried fish Include

    Omega-3 fatty acids Dried fish is considered nutritious for humans as it is loaded with omega three fatty acids and antioxidants. Anti-oxidants help children and adults to get more immunity against disease. Proteins Dried fish is rich in proteins, and low in calories hence makes a great option for people on a diet. Proteins are a building block essential to all human beings for healthier muscles. Since dried shrimps and fish are high in protein and low in calories, they make you feel fuller for longer. Tips for buying dry fish online are, it should be whitish and must have a glossy finish. In India, dried shrimps are made by sun drying small prawns in peak summer season. In Indian markets there are two exquisite types of dried fish, they are: Salted dried fish: Big fish like mackerel and kingfish are cleaned by removing its waste inside and are coated with heaps of salt and further sundried to last longer. Include dried fish as part of your healthy diet to stay strong and build your immunity. To enjoy fish, you need not have to wait for the monsoon to get over as you have dried fish easily available online. Avoid entering the crowded dry fish markets at your locale to buy dried fish and opt online shopping for enjoying dry fish in just a few clicks with Bigbasket. Unsalted dried fish: Small fish are generally unsalted and dried by clipping them on racks under the sun. Your dry fish shopping online has various options like White prawns, shrimps, Bombay duck and more which are hygienically packed and delivered at your door-step. Cooking dried fish is simple as you have to wash them and soak in water for 15 minutes and then squeeze the excess water before use to get the taste similar to fresh fish. These dry fish can be used in curries, rice and also be deep-fried and is a popular delicacy across India.