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    Winters are just arriving, so are your days to maintain your health. And there is nothing much better than having country eggs in your meal which are not only having great taste but are also very beneficial for your health and also help to keep you warm in winters. Both the white and yolk of a country chicken egg and country hen eggs are rich in nutrients– proteins, vitamins, and minerals with the yolk also containing cholesterol, fat-soluble vitamins, and essential fatty acids. Mpm country eggs pack contains eggs which are a good source of protein. One egg provides more than 6 grams of very high-quality protein that can help build muscle mass, strength, and function in people of all ages. Eggs are also important and versatile ingredients for cooking, as their particular chemical makeup is literally the glue of many important baking reactions. Country egg nutrition is necessary for all men, women, and kids. One large egg contains approximately 72 calories, 6 grams of protein, and some healthful unsaturated fats. It is a very difficult challenge for the customers to choose healthy and fresh country eggs. Why get worried when there is Bigbasket? Yes, to solve our customer's problem of searching for fresh country eggs in offline stores, we offer you country eggs online, fresh, healthy, and same as you are desiring to have for your family, kids and for yourself too. We make sure that our customers should not have to worry about buying any grocery items that's why we offer you country chicken eggs online too. Doesn't it sound crazy? Making country eggs online shopping might sound crazy but we can assure you about the quality and quantity of our wide range of products, such assurance you may not get in offline stores. We make sure that our product’s price should not go out of your budget. That's why we offer you discounts on almost each and every item. Country eggs price and country chicken eggs price are comparatively less than those of offline stores. And you can get up to 20 per cent and Rs.200 discount on your first order on bigbasket. You can get a table tray (30 pcs) only for Rs.168 yes, that's it! And that also of best quality with assurance too. On Bigbasket, you can order not only raw fresh eggs but also freshly prepared vegetables too. Don't waste more time travelling to the offline stores for buying eggs, which have no assurance of freshness and not even sure if those are good for health or not and highly expensive when you can buy your desired country eggs on Bigbasket without having any doubt on their quality. You can blindly trust on our products because before offering you, our products go through a different quality test to make sure that they fulfil your expectations as your expectations are our aims to achieve. Hurry up! And start doing the healthy shopping on Bigbasket so that this changing weather doesn't affect your salubrious routine.


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