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    Paper plates were invented in 1904 as a pioneer of single-use food service and then followed by the paper cups. Off-late, paper cups and paper plates are manufactured to reduce the stress on the health of the planet earth due to extensive use of plastic in disposal glass and plates. It is very difficult to handle plate glass and glass cups as they are prone to breakage and need clean-up.

    Disposable plates and its variants Bio-degradable paper plates and cups are easy to use and are environmentally friendly as well. You can find disposable paper plates online which are made of corn and look more of a plastic. Bio-degradable dinner plates are made with high quality and renewable materials which will also be helpful in reducing the landfills in the country. Disposable plates and paper bowls are made of fallen leaves are also available online which can be home-composted after their use. Disposable plates come with different materials like coated, uncoated, sugarcane, wheat fibre, plastic and foam. Some types of disposable plates are available with compartments which are very useful when you have varieties to serve. Compartments in disposable plates help you to keep the freshness of the different food items intact by avoiding mixing up on the plate. Due to the convenience of use and throw format disposable cups and disposable plates became immensely popular worldwide. Statistics says Americans now roughly use a trillion disposable plates and cups per year.

    Disposable Paper Cups

    Air pocket insulated: This kind of paper glass insulates the patron's hand from the hot coffee, tea or hot chocolate. These paper cups are produced with a sheet inside and outside and a thin layer of air in between for better insulation. Sustainable: Sustainable disposable cups are made with completely renewable resources and are available in different variants such as compostable, double sided poly and PLA shells. These paper cups are good for both hot and cold beverages. Wax coated: Wax coated paper provides added protection against leaks and heat. Enjoy leak-proof drinking with the tightly rolled rims of these paper cups which are available in different sizes and designs. if cold beverages are your cup of tea then you should pick these wax coated paper cups online to enjoy soda, cold drinks and ice tea.

    Plastic Disposal Cups

    Compostable: These plastic cups are transparent to enhance visibility and are 100% compostable. They are preferred for cold beverages as it is made of PLA corn plastic material. Heavy duty a. Hard wall: Heavy duty hard wall disposable plastic glass is more break resistant and shatterproof than other plastic cups. Hard wall cups will suit any interior for any occasion and can be a replacement for traditional glassware and cup plates which is expensive and tough to maintain. b. Flexible: These plastic cups have a flexible wall and are crack resistant. Add some colour to your parties with these flexible plastic cups and plates. Do not worry about finding the apt disposable plates and cups for your parties as paper plate price can be conveniently compared with a few clicks online. Disposable dinnerware made of biodegradable materials will add an eco-friendly feel to your occasion. Plastic plates or use and throw plates can be found in different themes and shapes to light up your parties. Find out all the variants above on Big Basket online.