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    With the dust and dirt that exists in our environment today, there is no doubt that a key factor in ensuring our health is taken care of is ensuring we are in a clean germ-free environment. Where there are tons of products available in the market to ensure that your house is well protected from germs in terms of detergents and other medical products, the main tool in maintaining this cleanliness is often ignored. The tools used for cleaning such as mops, brooms and buckets also need to be of good quality and a particular variety to ensure clean, bacteria-free surfaces. In the last decade, a lot of research has been conducted into the quality and features of mops used to clean surfaces. With the introduction of class and ceramic as key materials in building a house or office space or any building for that matter, there have been multiple efforts to tackle the issue of maintenance when it comes to these surfaces.

    We at bigbasket aim at providing you with all the options available in the market under one roof based on our back-end research of the brand and the quality. While we offer a wide variety of mops for your daily cleaning needs, we have further simplified it to cover the various types of mops that you would consider based on the requirement of your cleaning space.

    bigbasket aims to provide you with the best quality products at affordable costs along with the added variety to choose from. Be it a refill or a new mop pocha, cleaning wiper, mats for the house or glass top cleaning accessories, you will never fall short of options while you are shopping with bigbasket.

    Types of mops at bigbasket

    A T-mop is essentially a mop that allows you to clean surfaces, mainly floors by not the traditional method of scrubbing the floor but allowing you the comfort to stand and sweep the floor of dirt. In T-mops, you have an option for both, using a dry mop for sweeping purposes or using a wet mop to clean the surface with water or disinfectant. These mops come with automatic levers that make the entire process of cleaning, an activity you look forward to. Another additional feature is you can pick the colour of your choice. At bigbasket, we offer a wide variety of products and hence you have the liberty to choose from a different range of products and colours to suit your needs. Another popular mop in this feature is the squeezing mop. This mop can be used on both wet as well as dry surfaces but the best feature if this mop is it comes with a mechanism to squeeze out the dirty water once a surface has been cleaned by just the pull of a lever. bigbasket not only brings this product to your doorstep but additionally provides you with multiple options in terms of the product with respect to the different brands available in the market presently.

    Another type of mop that is used by many is the dry-mop. The dry-mop is mainly used to clean off any dust that may have settled onto any surface. These mops are flatter in nature and are usually made of fibres that are known to attract dust as well as germs. These mops not only can be used to clean floor surfaces but come in a variety of sizes that also allow it to be used for day to day dusting of the house. These dry-mops are easy to use and maintain as they can be hand washed or put in a washing machine for regular cleaning. Dry mops with nylon, polyester and microfibre heads are called magic mops since they are durable and clean better. Also, these are also some of the easily available mops online.

    At bigbasket, we offer a large number of options when it comes to choosing your mops, from flat mops to round mops, from steel mops to aluminium mops, the options we provide are endless and tailored to cater to your need. Your kitchen counter can look sparkling with a kitchen wiper that can be used to remove the excess water on the counter easily.

    While considering your cleaning tools, be sure to consider purchasing a glass swiper too. Be it kitchen counter, dining tables or even mirrors, to ensure that they are always clean with no dust particles, be sure to purchase a glass- swiper. This cleaning tool is similar to the tool available for cleaning the floor but is smaller in size and used mainly for surfaces. They can be used to clean wet as well as dry dirt and hence is an absolute must. At bigbasket, we offer many brands for this variety. You can make your decision depending on the appearance, price and quality of the product.

    Not just mops, bigbasket also gives you budget options of only changing your mops while keeping the other accessories intact such as the handle of the mop. bigbasket offers you top quality refill mops both for flat T-mops as well as round mops. bigbasket also offers you different varieties in re-fill mops such as micro-fibre as well as cotton to enhance your cleaning experience. Therefore, be rest assured if you pick a mop from bigbasket, you are sure to get a refill of the same product. Entire cleaning experience is not complete if the right accessories for cleaning are not in place. This is where bigbasket will come to your aid. At bigbasket we understand that cleanliness is a way of life and hence not only do we provide you with the best quality cleaning tools but also aim at providing you endless options of cleaning accessories to ensure a clean, germ and bacteria free space. From cotton maters to micro-fibre daily use mats, from ceiling cleaning brushes to smart self-clean buckets for mops, we provide all that you will need to ensure a sparkling home or office space. Be sure to check the wide range of product that makes your entire cleaning process a lot more effective as well as convenient. Be it sponge wipes for kitchen counters or mops specially designed to clean toilets or two-in-one cleaning mops, you are sure to be spoilt for option while you are shopping with bigbasket. Top cleaning mop selling brands - Gala mops, Prestige, Scotch Brite, Milton Spotzero.