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    Buy Brooms Brushes and Dustpans Online

    The various cleaning tools are as important in a properly functioning household as is any other home item. The varied cleaning tools help us in keeping our homes and surroundings clean and hygienic thereby, protecting us from various types of diseases and illnesses. People don’t give much thought before buying a cleaning tool, but one should analyse the usefulness of the cleaning tool and its requirement before bringing it home otherwise you get stuck with the wrong kind of equipment. And so buying the humble broom and dustpan is not as simple as it appears. Firstly there are several different types of brooms and brushes each designed for a specific use, so you have to pay a little attention to the broom type you are buying and what do you need to do for it. For example, you can’t use a coconut broom cleaner to clean the dust or a dust broom to clean the bathroom. A good hard broom like the coconut broom is good for cleaning your outdoors and terraces where soft broom or vacuums won’t do. The plastic brooms like the Gala brooms are perfect for indoor floor sweeping since it can be washed as opposed to straw brooms that simply become a breeding ground for mildew and mold. The plastic brooms are not only durable but are a great value for money. An indispensable partner of the broom is the dustpan that helps in properly disposing of all the dust. For this purpose, you need a durable and well-designed plastic dustpan because nothing is more irritating than picking up your garbage in a flimsy dust tray that gives away before you could dispose of the dust and garbage. Nowadays you can easily find well designed and durable broom with dustpan in attractive design and colours. For the purpose of dusting, you need to have a good whisk brush which is great dust removers and work great for small cleaning jobs. Another essential cleaning broom is a broom brush with adjustable cleaning stick that can help in cleaning high areas like the ceiling and fans or to just clean the floors without having to bend down. The brushes with cleaning stick are also great dust cleaners and can help you clean the hard to reach areas. Now that you have a fair bit of idea on what the different broom types are best used for you can safely buy your broom online from bigbasket. An advantage of buying broom online is the great discount you can avail on them. The Gala broom price online on bigbasket is a mere Rs 129 as against its market price of Rs 200. So rush today and make the most of the offer till it lasts.

    Sweeping Broom

    It is the law of nature that all living things try to make their surrounding liveable and beautiful in their own way. From picking flowers to trimming extra twigs, birds, animals and even human have over the centuries learnt to make their surroundings more beautiful. While animal rely on their acquired skills, humans have devised methods and tools to clean their surroundings. Broom sticks are the basic types to cleaning agents that keep the house clean and tidy. Everyone likes a clean environment around them. No one likes to sit in a room covered in dust or reeking of garbage. Broom sticks help clean the room with ease, as they can be operated by almost anyone. They are also one of the most ingenious pieces of cleaning equipment that do not require electricity or, even, exacting manual effort to operate. Broom sticks can be used to sweep the floor of dust, waste paper, wood chips, or any other litter. You may like to visit patanjali items on bigbasket.

    Types Of Brooms

    There are many types of brooms, available at bigbasket, like the soft broom, plastic broom, coconut broom or a hard brush. While a soft broom can be used to clean minute dust particles off the floor, wooden panels or even plastic shelves, a hard brush can be used to comb out any dirt from carpets, mesh doors, etc. Brooms in India have always been used to clean the houses early morning and are a must in every house. For home owner who worry about their costly floorings can now rest assured that the sweeping broom will not harm any kind of flooring- marble, wooden panels or even chipset. Now buy brooms & dust pans online from our online supermarket